Where To Buy Sunset Projection Lamps Seen on TikTok?


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With the advancing technology, there is little that man cannot have in the comforts of his own house. Sunset projection lamps are a wonder designed to bless you with the beauty of sunsets while not having to step a foot out!

What I love is that you can even have such an amazingly warm experience in frosting cold months. Who wouldn’t want to transform their rooms into a dream destination with the best sunset projection lamp?

Below are all the best brands with their top features to help you choose the best lamp.


Best Sunset Projection Lamp Reviews

#1. Sunset Lamp Projector Light


fomzze Sunset Projector Light

Starting with Fomzze, they have the best products for indoor and outdoor decor ranging from LED lights to gardening tools. Their beautiful sunset projection lamp is quite in demand among the people – let’s check out why!


The Fomzze sunset projection lamp is different from the general 90-degree rotation. This lamp can instead rotate a full 180-degree that allows you to cover several spots from the same position. You can independently adjust the lighting angle with this which will produce different spotted lights which comes especially in handy when shooting or having parties.


The lamp comes with a floor USB power supply which means you can use it to enhance your ambiance. The lamp is controlled through a remote by which you can refract soft light, dazzling light, and manipulate with a variety of light colors. This can be used for everyday soothing environments as well as shooting and filming.


What is a good lamp if it is not durable? The Fomzze lamp is made of high-quality aluminum that guarantees to stay intact. The lamp is always stable due to its stable base as well as the lamp pole. This lamp is also energy-saving and corrosion resistant which further adds to your benefit makes this non – glare LED lamp has a long service life.


  • Has a compact size
  • Great customer service
  • Lightweight design


  • Not WiFi enabled


#2. Fomzze rainbow projection lamp


fomzze rainbow projection lamp


It is often the small brands that have the best products which is why I have high expectations from Fomzze. This Fomzze rainbow sunset light will allow you to get the fascinating rainbow for the cheapest price point ever!

Smart construction

Like all good lamps, the Fomzze 180-degrees projection lamp is made of high-quality aluminum. To ensure stability, Fomzze designed a stable base as well as a stable light pole. This means that the lamp will always stay stable and secure and won’t fall over causing your house or the lamp itself any damage. The lamp is safe to use as it is carefully tested against strain on the eyes and it even saves energy, turning out to be pretty efficient.

Adjustable buckle

Although the name suggests that it is a 180 degrees lamp, you’ll be in for surprise when you find out that the buckle is different. The 180° adjustable aluminum alloy universal buckle enables you to turn the whole lamp around. This helps you create a better angle when taking pictures, giving a soft glow everywhere.

High-quality accessories

It comes with a 6W USB power cable, a cable with a switch, and a 1.5 meters long USB cable as well. Generally, these accessories aren’t available along with and do cost a bit but you won’t have to worry about that here.


  • Stable material
  • High-quality design
  • Additional accessories included


  • Not guaranteed


#3. Canrulo 90 Degree Rotation Rainbow Projection Lamp



If there is one name that instantly pops up as soon as sunset or rainbow lights are mentioned, it is indeed Canrulo. Canrulo is known for its amazing features and durability. The lights are the perfect imitation of what they guarantee hence are a good investment.

Excellent stability

This little lamp is made of high-quality aluminum and iron, which makes the turning easy and prevents any wear and tear. This guarantees stability along with the stable base and lamp mast. The light promises to be energy-efficient and has a glare-free LED plus a long service life.

Easy to operate

There isn’t a huge science behind setting up a sunset lamp it is so easy that even children can do it. You just have to remember one thing – the greater the distance, the greater the projection that the sunset light can throw on the wall or ceiling. Getting that amazingly beautiful soft warm glow won’t be hard now.


This floor lamp comes with a 5V 5W USB power supply, a cable with a switch, and a 2-meter long USB cable. This is only for use if you need soft and warm light instead of some cold bedazzling one. The thing about Canrulo is that the light is so soft and natural that it seems almost real which is exactly what a sunset or rainbow light should do.


  • Is decently bright
  • Compact design


  • Is a bit expensive


#4. Shleyqin Sunset Projection Lamp



Shleyqin has all kinds of lights – you name it, they have it! They have air bubble lights, curtain lights, sunset lights, and fairy lights too. Let’s check out if their lights are any good.

Aesthetic warmth

Sunsets lights are meant for people who are lazy or prefer the comfort of their homes but thrive for aesthetics. If you want a warm, comfortable and relaxed home environment, you couldn’t go for anything better than the Shleyqin sunset projection light.

Variety of features

The lamp comes with a floor lamp USB power supply, with remote control. The light is refracting soft light and not dazzling which is pretty cute. You can even adjust a variety of light colors, which will make it suitable for bedroom lighting and photography.

Strong built

It is made of high-quality aluminum with a pretty strong base and lamp pole that makes it stable for use. It even prevents any strain on your pocket as it saves energy hence electricity and is corrosion-resistant, elongating its life. The non-glare LED light will keep your eyes safe and skin safe from warm rays.


  • Beautiful star projection
  • Inexpensive product


  • Is super bright


#5. CLLZ Night Light Projector Led Lamp


CLLZ Night Light Projector Led Lamp


This was one name I’ve never heard before but their light stole my attention. The light is tiny but the impact is huge, with a beautiful red glow creating a faux sunset. Let’s check it out further.

Easy-to-control features

The neck interface has a magnetic buckle function that can be removed and installed at any time which makes the disassembling of the lamp easy. You can precharge the charging interface or plug it in via a USB which in my opinion is extremely convenient.

Premium material

This is made of a high-quality alloy mixture of iron and aluminum. The iron helps to rotate easily without corrosion. It is comfortable and pleasant on the eyes with the non-glare LED. It is designed to be low energy-consuming.

Rotating design

The head of the lamp is adjustable and can be rotated a full 180 degrees not only back and forth but at all angles.


  • Bright and saturated colors
  • High boron optical lens


  • Color might be too bright for some


#6. Lucakuins Sunset Projection Led Light


6.Lucakuins Sunset Projection Led Light


If a brand has it all, it is indeed Lucakuins. They have every necessity ranging from skiing boards to sunset lights. And their products are worth the money as well so you won’t regret buying them. But before the purchase, let’s check out a few specifications.

Amazing projection

As it is said, the further the lamp is kept, the larger the projection will be. If you’re feeling a little relaxed and in the mood, keep the lamp as far as possible and enjoy the amazing circular effect of a sunset.

Stable material

The lamp is made of alloy material consisting of aluminum and iron. It has the ever-so-stable base as well as the stable pole and the bulbs are also non-glare LED ones.

Energy efficiency

The warmer the light is, the more energy it usually takes but that is not the case with this modern LED light. It provides an energy-saving lighting solution for your everyday problems. The lamp is small and compact and can be used as a regular lamp in your bedroom as well.


  • The light doesn’t heat up
  • Great efficiency saves electricity


  • Very dim light


#7. Izihooqi Night Light Projector Led Lamp


7.Izihooqi Night Light Projector Led Lamp


Flashlights, lamps, LED lamps, vehicle lights, and much more are all easily available at a reasonable price from Izihooqi. Their night light projector lamp is one of a kind and produces the softest glow without any heat or strain.

Ease of use

You can change the angle of the light by rotating it and the distance can be set ideally as well which gives you the power to determine where you want the light to focus. The results are amazing circular lights on the wall, ceiling, and the floor or somewhere else if you want it to be.

Convenient design

The lamp head can be rotated 180 degrees with the help of iron mixing which makes the rotation easier. This enables you to produce different lights from different angles to bring different effects to your room.

Extraordinary construction

The lamp is made of high-quality aluminum that ensures durability. It has all the basic features – energy efficiency, glare-free LED, etc.


  • High-quality construction
  • Excellent service
  • Has a bright display


  • Does not have rainbow light


#8. SheSublime Sunset Projection Lamp


8.SheSublime Sunset Projection Lamp


SheSublime is a clothing brand for women that produce absolute delicacies. Their lamp is one delicacy in itself with such refined construction. Let’s check out if this last item is any good or not.

Extreme rotation

Different than an ordinary 90-degree rotating sunset projection lamp, this led light is upgraded to rotate 180 degrees. 90 degrees isn’t a bad angle either but 180 degrees helps you turn more.

Romantic look

The lamp has a rainbow effect as well as a sunset floor effect that will create the most serene environment and a beautiful glow. This will not only provide relief to your eyes but help you meditate too.

Easy to use

The light can be rotated easily to adjust the size and shape of the halo of the projector night light. The same previous rule applies here – the greater the distance, the greater the projection that the sunset light can throw on the wall or ceiling.


  • Realistic effect
  • Stable construction
  • 180 degrees rotation


  • Slightly expensive


Best Sunset Projection Lamp Buying Guide

Now that you know a few names when it comes to sunset lamps, here is a guide that will help you determine which to choose. Without further ado, let’s get on with the guide to finding the best sunset lamp!


Since sunset lamps are a huge trend, they are in demand hence they cost a lot. This will require a little research but trust me; you’ll be saving a lot of bucks otherwise uselessly spent.


Sunset lights that are overly bright completely overrule the whole point of these lights. These lights are supposed to be dim and relaxing which is exactly what you should go for. Imagine a relaxing evening with serene lights and a cold glass of lemonade – indeed a dream!

Energy consumption

Warm lights usually take up a lot of energy, so always go for lights that specifically mention at least 70% energy-saving qualities. This will save you money which will enable you to buy even more fancy stuff!


You never know what angle you might need the light at hence you need to find one that has a portable battery feature. If not, it should at least have a long cable so you can carry it anywhere and everywhere.




Sunset projection lights are indeed a miraculous invention for those that are not able to experience a real one. Among the list, which do you think was the best sunset projection lamp? I think Fomzze bagged the title because of its fair price point and multiple features.

Let me know what you think about these lamps in the comments below.



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