Best Underwater Dock Lights – Buyer’s Guides & Reviews


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Have you ever got the chance to visit any port? If you have, you must have experienced the lovely lights around the docks of ships and boats. It looks very attractive from far behind. But have you ever gone near it to see what purpose are those lights serving?

These dock lights are meant to fascinate the fishes. This article is all about discussing the best underwater dock lights. You can use such dock lights for attracting the fishes to view them, catch them, or just to create a pleasant environment. So, it’s a multipurpose device!


Best underwater dock lights buying guides

To shop the best thing for yourself or for gifting it to your loved ones, it’s necessary that you first know the exact features that the light should consist of. To make this easy for you, I have prepared a guide for you.

What characteristics should be looked for in underwater dock lights?

There are always a few points that need to be pondered upon while selecting any electronic device. You should keep yourself updated with the knowledge of anything which you want to buy. For underwater dock lights, the following attributes should be fulfilled.

1. Durable material of lights

The external material with which dock lights are made should be strong enough to withstand all the forces. For example, when fishes get attracted to the LED lights, there are chances that they attack your device.

If they do, your dock lights should be strong enough to resist whatever force is applied to them. Do not compromise on the sustainability and durability of the material.

2. Water-resistant design

Another most important feature you should be looking for while shopping dock lights, is their tendency to resist water. Of course, water has to enter the dock lights as we are talking about the underwater dock lights!

Working fine without compromising on the presence or absence of water, is what a good quality dock light should do.

3. Fishing in saltwater and freshwater

Do not forget the nature of water in which you have decided to use these dock lights. When they need to be immersed in salty water, their exteriors should support such conditions. As you must be aware of the fact that saltwater can corrode things very easily. Therefore, choose options that best suit such a condition.

Freshwater dock lights do not require a tarnish-free body; of course, they do require a waterproof body!

4. Sinking dock lights V/S floating dock lights

 Well, either option is available for you to choose from. You can select anyone according to your preference. The floating underwater dock lights need to be plugged only and then left in the water to float.

It will keep on highlighting and making the water visible for you wherever it floats around the river or the sea. On the other hand, sinking dock lights work pretty much the same way. They can be left to sink in the water and land where ever destined.

5. Keeping the lights clean

The sole mode of action of underwater dock lights is no doubt, based underneath the water. Because of this reason, there are a lot of species that tend to grow on light surfaces. One of its examples is the barnacles!

Barnacles if grown on any surface can block the brightness. To keep them away, you must choose among the light which heats up while keeping it on. This way it will not attract the growth of any such species.

6. Scrapping off

Some dock lights are unable to prevent the growth of barnacles and fungi on the external surfaces which float on water. For those types of lights, you will have to scrape off the dirt yourself. You can do it once in a while when you feel the need to clean it.

7. Battery usage

If you have the power supply available on your boat then it would be best to operate dock lights through them. If not, then you can consume the lights using battery cells too. But the issue with battery cells is that their charging can finish soon.

Therefore, it is advisable to have a light with a long chord to facilitate power. You can then enjoy your fishing without any interruption.

8. Choose from different colors

There are different colors available for you to choose from while selecting the dock light. These colors include green, blue, and white.

  • Greenlight

The green light is the most common type which you will see. It’s well known for ages to attract fishes. Plus, green light can travel easily in water without making the view blur for you. Apart from this, fishes get captivated with this color and your fishing work becomes easy.

  • Blue light

Blue light in comparison to green light does not work in the same excellent manner. But not to forget that blue lights work great in salty water. So, you can choose your color according to the water in which you are going to do fishing.

  • White light

White lights are generally used above water. But you can use them underwater too without any doubt. Doing so will increase the ambiance of the boat and create a fresh look beneath the water as well.



Q: Which fishes get easily attracted to the dock lights?

Bait fishes are most commonly found around the lights as they easily get fascinated.

Q: Which type of power should be used to operate the dock lights?

You should use the current power supply to operate these lights.

Q: Are sinking lights more reliable or floating lights?

Sinking dock lights help you find the fishes more than the floating ones.


Best underwater dock lights Reviews

#1. Lightingsky 12V 10.8W 180 LEDs


The first on the list of this article today is the Lightingsky 12 V dock lights. This green glow dock light is designed to attract many sea animals like small and large fishes, prawns, squids, etc. There are five sides to its lightening, just like a 3D light.

The battery life of Lightingsky dock lights is very long-lasting. It consumes battery at a very low rate as compared to other lights. It has 900 lumens to beautify the whole surface that it will cover.


  • Use up to 50000 hours
  • 5 sided light
  • 900 lumens


#2. Amarine Made 12v-24v 8W 180 LED


Amarine Made 12V dock lights consist of as many as 1000 lumens for a better view! The battery consumption being extremely negligible, you can use it up to 50000 hours. It can sink into the water to rest on the floor and brighten the area.

The overall weight of these lights is quite less, that is, 395 grams. Yet the body is as tough as it could be. Shockproof nature makes it easier to withstand any fall or hit.


  • Light-weighted
  • The inner globe is replaceable
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Battery clip is included


#3. IllumiSea Ultra Bright 25w 3450 Lumen


Reading the features of IllumiSea Ultra Bright dock lights, you’ll be simply amazed. It wouldn’t be wrong if I call them the best underwater led dock lights! It can illuminate a deep area up to 50 feet.

There is a 360-degree view of these lights and it consists of 3450 lumens for better productivity. You can use it in boats, kayaks, or ships. It has also got a long chord with it for you to easily plug it in.


  • Waterproof making
  • Bright LED to attract the fishes
  • Long chord for easy connecting
  • 3450 lumens


#4. SAMDO IP68 12V LED Underwater Fishing Light


SAMDO IP68 dock lights are available in many different colors. You can choose your preferable color accordingly. You can use it in lakes and rivers to catch fishes and squids! Its battery can be used for longer periods without you feeling the need to recharge it.

There is a long chord provided with the light for easy plug-in and suspension in the water. It is suitable for all kinds of water, with battery clips included.


  • 1000000 hours of usage
  • Availability in multiple colors
  • Light-weighted
  • 51cm long chord


#5. Kilofly 4 Set Boat Dock Lure Bait


If you’re thinking about underwater dock lighting ideas to make your dock place a more attractive one, here is the product for you! Kilofly 4 set dock light is unique in itself as it consists of 4 pieces. Each piece has 3 lumen LEDs which can produce brightness over a very vast area.

Its battery can last up to 72 hours! It is so lightweight that you don’t have to think before accompanying it with you on your outdoor trips.


  • 4 pieces included
  • Multiple mounting options
  • No external battery
  • Pocket friendly


#6. Green Blob Outdoors Underwater Fishing Light


A uniquely designed underwater dock light with the name of Green Blob is next to be discussed. These dock lights have about 15000 lumens! You can use these lights in fresh as well as salty water to attract sea animals.

It has a tough body with all of its accessories included. These are energy savers overall. No need for extension wires as it has a very long chord already.


  • Increased brightness through 15000 lumens
  • 30 feet long cord
  • Remote to switch on or off
  • Attracts all kinds of fishes


#7. Green Blob Outdoors Underwater Fishing Light LED


If you are in search of some of the best dock mounted fish lights, I have one best option for you. Green Blob dock lights are very versatile. They can be used in lakes, rivers, freshwaters as well as salty waters.

You will find these as your helping hand while you are out fishing. It is equipped with 7500 lumens and can be used for a full day without recharging it.


  • Best for salty water fishing
  • 360-degree view of the light
  • Greenlight attracts all fishes
  • All accessories included


#8. TIMMRAIN Underwater Fishing LED


TIMMRAIN underwater green dock lights are well-known for attracting fishes of all types, squids, prawns, etc. These are best for completely immersing in the water. Sitting on the floor, these can enlighten a large area with their brightness.

It has 1200 lumens to attract sea animals. The drainage of its battery is very slow, allowing it to last longer than expected. Battery clips and chord for power supply is included with the product.


  • Available in three colors
  • Sinking dock light
  • Has 1200 lumens
  • Battery consumption is slow
  • 360 degrees brightness


#9. Bright Night Fishing 25ft Battery clamp


These dock lights consist of a heavy-duty body to face all the wear and tear with bravery. Lumens included are 15000 with 30 LEDs! It can last up to 50000 hours. The Bright Night fishing dock lights are of the sinking types. They can easily sink to the bottom to make the water clear to you.

It has a highly water-resistant external body. Besides, there is a plastic covering on the LEDs as well to keep them double protected.


  • Shockproof and waterproof
  • Made with high-end PVC
  • Low consumption of its battery


#10. Saltwater &Freshwater Green Underwater


Last but not least on the list today is the Saltwater & Freshwater dock light. These consist of a different beam of brightness as compared to other lights. Unlike all other dock lights which use LED, these lights use HID bulb.

These bulbs are suitable for all waters. These heat up too to prevent the growth of fungi and barnacles. Hence, they have a self-cleaning mechanism. Installation is very easy as all the accessories are provided with the product.


  • No growth of barnacles
  • HID bulbs
  • Best for all waters




After a thorough explanation of all the best underwater dock lights, I was highly confused with selecting anyone. Kilofly 4 Set is my favorite for now as it comes with multiple mounting options and in 4 pieces!

With a little more research, you will find your match too. If this article was helpful, do let me know in the comment section.



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