Best Solar Shed Lights in 2020 – Buyer’s Guides & Reviews


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Are you thinking about buying the best solar shed lights in the market? Read on to this extensive review to know the best-selling products.

A lot of people like the serenity of their garage while working. For them, it is the only place in the house where they can conveniently work on different projects related to their profession. However, for easy and hassle-free working, the only crucial element needed here is adequate lighting. Though you can install a conventional bulb, technological advancement has even better alternatives for saving money and being environmentally-friendly. 

Solar-powered shed lights can help you bring down your electricity cost and provide the most ultimate lighting solution within the shed. In this article, we will discuss some of the best solar shed lights to help you make a wise and well-informed decision.


Best Solar Shed Lights in 2020


#10. Solar Lights Outdoor, Hikeren IP65 Waterproof Solar Lights(White Light)


If your priority is to buy a good value outdoor solar light, consider investing your money in Hikeren solar lights outdoor. It is a great outdoor light that is sure to meet your every work-related requirement. Its IP65 waterproof (all-weather ready) construction ensures that the light works well despite heat, snow, or rain. Good-quality materials can keep your house light up for hours while you work.

Some other notable features of this solar shed light include its 180-degree separable lamp and solar panel and 3m long-patch cords that illuminate every corner of the house. There are multiple installations; you can use the plastic belt for trees and pillars to meet your demands.

The solar deck lights come with 30 powerful LEDs to deliver excellent illumination and long-lasting functioning.


  • IP65 waterproof technology
  • 4400mAh battery lights up to 18 hours
  • 4 feet cable
  • Polycrystalline silicon panels


#9. LightMe Portable 130LM Solar Powered Led Bulb


This product is the best choice for people looking for mobile solar shed light for routine use. With 12 pieces of high lumen Epistar chips, this solar light works up to 130LM, which produces more than enough brightness for an incandescent night working.  Its high efficiency and low power consumption make it different from all the other models out there.  

Since it comes with a portable hook, you can use the bulb as a mobile lighting lamp to charge your smartphones with the given USB port. It is best for indoor and outdoor lighting such as fishing, camping, emergency lighting, reading, working, and cooking. The best part of this unit is that it is portable to move from one place to another upon requirement.


  • 5W module output power
  • 130 lumens
  • Plastic sheathing material
  • 5-8 hours working time


#8. Solar Lights, Kyson Solar Powered, Led Shed Light


This best solar shed light 2020 comes with four SMD white LEDs, all of which are brilliantly integrated inside a large-sized bulb. This unit is a perfect choice to be used as a shed light as you can hang the lamp from the roof and power it via solar energy using its 3m extension cord.

Its solar module utilizes a unique amorphous silicon technology that has 1.2W output. The amount of brightness produced is more than enough to power a rechargeable battery with 400mAh capacity and 3.2 V output. The battery’s complete charging time can vary between 6-8 hours, considering it gets efficient and decent solar irradiance conditions.

The LED lights’ working time is somewhere between 10-12 hours, which is ample enough to deliver good shed lighting overnight.


  • 400mAh lithium battery capacity
  • 5m Pull cord/remote control operation
  • 3m lead cable
  • 10-12 hours working time


#7. Designers Edge L-949 Rechargeable Solar Shed Lights


The solar panel shed light gives you the freedom to light up any desired area within the house or workplace. Now you can add light to much-needed areas of your home without using a hardwire or any other new fixture. Its 10 super-bright LEDs can produce up to 30 lumens of brightness, thus ideal for any place to automatically and conveniently illuminate the area while ensuring axiom safety and security.

There is a 16-foot long extension cord that allows you to keep the panel in places where it is sure to receive adequate sunlight. There are two working modes, i.e., full brightness with 10 LEDs where charge lasts up to 2 hours or half brightness with 5 LEDs where the charge lasts around 4 hours.


  • 100,000 hours lifespan
  • 30 lumens of bright light
  • Two working modes
  • 16 feet long extension cord


#6. Indoor Solar Barn Lights, Kyson Solar Powered Led Shed Light


Another best solar-powered shed light that you can use for indoor and outdoor purposes is Kyson Solar Barn Lights. It is a great looking unit and is made of high-quality, strong components to allow you to use it anywhere you want. The kit comes with remote control and pulls cord system for convenient turning off/on.

The user can enjoy an extremely bright light effect from this unit as it features four LEDs that are perfect for lighting up any area. You can now illuminate your outdoor building in an efficient and eco-friendly way. The barn lights have a classical or industrial feel to them and are also stylish enough to highlight most places of your house, such as underneath the pergola, garden shed, and summer houses.


  • 2000mAh lithium-ion battery
  • 8 hours of working time
  • 3m lead cable and 40cm lamp base
  • 5m range remote control


#5. Nature Power 21030 Hanging Solar Powered LED Shed Light with Remote Control


This hanging solar-powered LED shed light requires no wiring so that you can place it anywhere. It is an excellent choice as a source of illumination for any space that the user can control via a given remote. 

The LED bulbs use a good-quality amorphous solar panel. This solar panel can recharge a battery that you can use for up to 8 hours on a full charge. Moreover, it has a matt black finish that needs no installing from the grid to make the installation. A single wire is needed from the solar panel to the light and can be attached with a plain plug.

With its LED technology, it can last up to 10,000 hours and consume far less energy than any conventional light bulb. Every lamp features four bright LEDs that are 100 times brighter than other high-end models available in the market.


  • Remote control working
  • High/low brightness setting
  • 7-32 inches adjustable light
  • 8 hour of work time


#4. Lixada Solar Pendant Light


Another top pick on the list is Lixada Solar Pendant Light. This best outdoor solar shed lighting solution is different from others with its two different control modes. The user can either control the light through the given remote control or with the pull cord switch. With this function, you can use the solar pendant light without any hassle around the house.

Its 3m cable makes it an ideal choice when it comes to versatility. You can install it anywhere in the house, provided that it is fully charged. Another thing to love about the light is that it is rotatable, which gives more options on how you can easily charge the unit during the daytime to absorb more power as per your expectation.


  • Up to 12 hours of working time
  • Remote control and pull cord system
  • Two control modes
  • Adjustable to a variety of angles


#3. Viewpick 2 Pack Solar Powered LED Bulb Light Solar LED Lantern Tent Light


This environmentally friendly solar light can be charged with a power bank or USB port. It uses a very high-performance 18650 rechargeable battery that gives 6-8 hours of constant use after a full charge. This solar panel shed lighting kit comes with a total of 3 LEDs that deliver adequate brightness for pathways, small rooms, garden, shed, chicken coop, and barns. 

Three working modes Include full brightness, half brightness, and flashing, i.e., SOS emergency signal. You can choose the mode according to different types of activities by pressing the given high-grade rubber button. It is a very versatile product in terms of charging. There is a 1200mAh rechargeable battery that gives fast conversion and a decent charging rate. 


  • 165 lumens of brightness
  • Different lighting modes
  • Charging indicator
  • 2 charging modes


#2. Solar Lights Outdoor, IP65 Waterproof Solar Lights


This solar panel is rotatable up to 120-degrees left/right and 180-degree up and down. This feature prevents the problem of insufficient sunlight during installation. There are 2 lamp holders and two 3m extension cords for convenient installation. The lamp holder with this unit is equipped with a stainless steel hook, so no extra nails for set up are needed. You can hang the light wherever you want and start working.

It also features the latest waterproof technology, so an ideal choice to be used under very hard conditions.

A 5500mAh aluminum iron phosphate battery is present instead of a standard battery to prevent solar panel explosion. Two infrared remote controls are also given so you can control the lights from anywhere in the house. There is no need to aim the remote at the receiver to control the on and off function.  


  • Multi-angle rotation
  • Two 16 LED lights
  • Upgraded battery
  • Two expansion nails and extension cords


#1. FEIFEIER Solar Light Blubs Portable 450LM Solar Shed Light


The FEIFEIER 450LM Solar Shed Light is one of the most highly efficient lights in the market due to its extreme convenience for the users. You can choose to function the light with the remote control or the pull cord switch, and as far as the given cable is concerned, you can use it indoors as well.

Another distinctive feature of this shed light is its convenient modes of operation. Not only do the LEDs light up real quick, but there is also an individual manual for turning the lights off and on.

The long extension cable is extremely long, so it can be used in various locations when required. The solar panel is easy to detach and kept in areas that get a high amount of sunshine to charge the unit fully.


  • Two super-bright LED bulbs
  • 2000mAh power batteries
  • 10-30 hours working time
  • Separate switch for manual off/on


Solar Shed Lights Buying Guides


If you are buying the best solar powered shed lights,  you need to do your homework before deciding on a product. Once you are in the market for the best product,   you will be overwhelmed by the massive range of choices on the offer. Every potential buyer must acknowledge certain parameters and features before buying a solar light for their shed.

1.Type Of Light

The most important factor to consider is the reason your shed needs light.  Your intended purpose will define the type of light you should opt for while investing.  For example,  if you use your shirt for work,  you need super bright light, but if you only want a well lit shed, a medium bright light is enough to do the job.

2.Charging Hours And Operation

Another important factor to consider is the number of hours needed to fully charge the battery.  If the unit needs too many hours of sunlight, it will be sensitive to unexpected weather conditions and could cause slow charging in seasons with no solar radiation.

3.Safety And Durability

Despite the appearance of the light,  its durability and safety should be your ultimate concern.  Solar shed light is susceptible to damage and wear/tear upon rough use, so it’s better to choose a long-lasting product and made of high-quality materials.

4.Features And Life Span

The lifespan of any solar shed light is important as it tells you the number of times you have to replace the lights during your life.  Keep in mind that most of the lights have about 3 years of life span so opt for a product with a warranty of at least 1 to 2 years.  Also, look for additional features such as metal hooks,  portability, and USB charging, as all of them provide great convenience during usage. 




There you go!  These are some of our best solar shed lights for the year.  We hope that we have provided you with enough guidance and covered every aspect of the topic to make it easy for you to choose the best product according to the requirement.



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