Best Solar Deck Step Lights – Buyer’s Guides & Reviews


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Do you want to illuminate your porch step, deck, or driveway with the best solar deck step lights? Read on to this extensive article below to save more money on bills and get yourself the most suitable product on the market.

If you are tired of sitting in the darkness or turning on floodlights to enjoy outdoor decks, it is time to switch to a high-quality solar deck step light. These lights are linked to a solar panel that you can keep in an area with strong sun rays exposure. The device stores energy within the attached battery and can be utilized to light up different parts of your house.

These units are very easy to install, easy to use, and definitely a budget-friendly alternative for saving power and energy. But, since so many of them are available in the market, it can make the buying process quite overwhelming for potential buyers.

This article will help you pick the best solar deck step lights with amazing features and performance.


Solar Deck Step Lights Buying Guide

With hundreds and thousands of products out there, it can be a bit hard to choose the most suitable product. Let’s discuss some of the key factors, features, and parameters every individual must consider to make a wise choice.

1. Quality And Capacity Of Solar Panel

Since these lights are to work in different weather conditions, the solar panels are susceptible to breakage and wear/tear. Therefore, it is best to choose a unit with a high-quality solar panel featuring a shield cover to last a very long time.

The capacity of the solar panel, on the other hand, depends on voltage and wattage. A quality solar panel must give out maximum output wattage by using less power.

2. Brightness

Brightness is the amount of light generated through solar deck lights. It is measured in lumens, i.e., light output. Typically, a good performing model would have a brightness of about 120 lumens, whereas low-quality models would give out only 100 lumens. For a 4-square feet radius, install a unit with 15-30 lumens for ideal brightness around the place.

3. Recharge And Runtime

Some products only take about 5 hours to charge and provide lighting for at least 8 hours. Low-quality deck lights take more time to charge but still give less power for effective illumination. Always check the recharge and run time before purchasing to get the best value for your money.

4. Batteries

The purpose of batteries is to produce the essential power needed to illuminate the outdoor step lights for concrete. To get longer lighting, choose a larger battery with more mAH rating. There are different battery options available in the market (lead-acid batteries, lithium-ion batteries, and lithium-ion phosphate batteries), but lithium-ion batteries are lifelong and most commonly used.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Solar Deck Step Lights Waterproof?

Yes, most of the products available out there are waterproof. We still advise you to check out the user manual first to make sure the model you are buying has a satisfactory waterproof rating. Different manufacturers can have different instructions about their product, so it is always better to be safe than be sorry!

2. Can I Use My Solar Deck Step Lights In Snow?

If the model you have purchased from the market is weatherproof, then yes, you can use it in snow as well. If you live in an area with extreme weather conditions, always check the guidelines to know if it can be used for the intended purpose of preventing damage.

3. How Long Does A Solar Deck Light Last?

For this, check out the user’s reviews to understand the durability, battery life, usage, and product longevity. The LED lights integrated within the deck light can easily run for about 100,000 hours, which may last for about 3-5 years in general without needing any replacement.

4. How Can I Clean My Solar Light?

You can clean the solar panels using mild dish soap or damp cloth to remove the debris. For the light cover, one can use a paper towel or clean cloth to clear away the contaminants. For battery, find a suitable replacement whenever there is any corrosion.


Best Solar Deck Step Lights

#1. Aootek 182 Led Solar outdoor motion sensor lights upgraded Solar Panel


There are three optional modes, i.e., security mode, permanent on all night mode, and smart brightness control. The unit comes with a sensitive PIR motion inductor with an upgraded motion sensor detector. It can sense people up to 26 feet within an angle of 120-degrees. It has a 2200mAH rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which is quite bright and long-lasting.

Its high-efficient LED lights give a wide-angle illumination and enhance the lighting application. This best outdoor solar deck step light is energy-saving and has PER laminated solar panels with a 20.5% conversion rate.


  • 3.7 watts energy rating
  • 15.3 inches solar panel size
  • Intelligent PIR motion sensor
  • 120-degrees sensor’s wide-angle depth
  • Dimming and steady function options


#2. URPOWER Solar Lights Outdoor, Motion Sensor Security Lights


The internal circuit diagram of the lamp is unique. It features positive and negative pole directions at the bottom of the LEDs, which is quite a different feature as compared to other products on the market.

Unlike units with 4-12 LED solar lights, the URPOWER Solar Lights Outdoor comes with 8 LED lights that are brighter and work longer than most of the models. With an IP64 waterproof and weatherproof rating, this device is suitable for almost all types of weather conditions. It has an automated switch that you can turn on at night with motion sensor detection or turn off once the movement stops.


  • 130 unit LED
  • Cool white light color
  • Motion-activated working mode
  • 3.7 volts voltage
  • 10 feet sensing range


#3. Solar Deck Lights, Led Outdoor Garden Decorative Wall Mount Fence Post Lighting


This best solar deck light comes with integrated sensors and an automated switch, which means the light comes on at night and goes off in the morning. There are two modes of lighting, i.e., warm and seven color-changing lightings. Apart from decorating your deck, you can also use this product for your yard, garden, backyard, fence post, and staircases.

The ABS plastic material within the construction ensures longevity and durability of the product. The lights can stay very well in their place and can also endure a good amount of extreme weather conditions such as rain and snow.


  • Easy installation
  • Two installation screws
  • Auto on/off feature
  • Two lighting modes
  • Unique wall light design


#4. OTHWAY Solar Fence Post Lights Wall Mount Decorative Deck Lighting, Black


The OTHWAY Solar Fence Post Lights are perfect for height and wall placement and for foot lighting and staircase decoration. Thanks to its semi-oval and neat cut shape, this light is sure to add more beauty to your house while working as a security lighting.

PIR motion sensors are integrated within the light to activate the illumination when someone goes by. The lights are made out of ABS plastic material, whereas the solar panel is constructed right over the lights and is particularly waterproof similar to the lights. The employment is solar-sensitive, but with a few hours of charge, this product is sure to work an entire night without causing any problem.


  • Aesthetic cut design
  • 1.2V 600mAH battery
  • 6 LEDs in each light
  • Plug and play working
  • 6 hours charging time


#5. Davinci Flexfit Solar Post Cap Lights – Outdoor Lighting


This outdoor solar deck step light is made to rest on top of your deck posts while adding a decorative touch and much-needed illumination to your place. You can fix the lights to any 4 or 6-inch square deck post or a flat surface as per your requirement. Every light has an IP44 waterproof rating, which means it can stand up to almost any kind of weather condition without causing any trouble.

The lights are available in black or white color and are made of industrial-grade plastic and tempered glass for added durability. A full day’s charge can give 8 hours of non-stop illumination, which is plenty for most people.


  • Appealing classic design
  • Flexible and self-contained
  • 6-8 hours of battery life
  • 100000 hours lifespan
  • IP44 weatherproof construction


#6. GIGALUMI 8 Pack Solar Fence Lights,6 LED Solar Deck Lights, Waterproof Automatic Decorative Outdoor Solar Wall Lights for Deck


This best solar deck lamp 2020 is powered by sunlight. It automatically charges in the sun and stores more electricity in its large-capacity battery. Its Ni-MH 600mAH 1.2V battery needs no electrical charge and is energy efficient.

With its fashionable design and IP44 waterproof rating, the lights can be used safely on rainy days without any effect on its working. The upgraded model has 6 beads within the lamp, which are more powerful than the predecessor models. The lamp delivers 6-8 hours of illumination in the daytime and 6-8 hours of illumination in the nighttime with an automatic on/off functioning.


  • Neat and tiny design
  • 600mAH Ni-MH battery and 120mA solar panel
  • Auto-working
  • Waterproof warranty
  • Simple installation


#7. Cool White Solar Deck Lights Outdoor


This light is an ideal choice for people looking for an easy to install and affordable product.  You get a pack of 8 deck lights with an advanced solar panel efficiency. They are made with high-quality stainless steel shades so durable enough to endure extreme weather and environmental conditions such as snow, rain, and wind.

On a full charge, the lights can give out constant illumination for 9 hours. The required charging time is up to 6-8 hours of sun exposure.


  • Eco-friendly option
  • Wireless installation
  • 6500K solar deck lights
  • 1.2V 600mAH AAA Ni-MH battery
  • Stainless steel, ABS, and PC material


#8. Siedinlar Solar Deck Lights Driveway Dock LED Light Solar Powered


These driveway lights are another ideal choice to be used on decks. If your house has a long deck that needs to be illuminated on all sides, consider buying Siedinlar Solar Deck Lights Driveway Dock LED Lights. These lights have an elegant circular design and are made out of premium aluminum alloy. The wireless design needs no connection whatsoever, so just put them on the deck and start using them right away.

1.2V Ni-MH rechargeable battery is more than enough to charge the lights. The solar panel needs 3-5 hours for a full battery charge, after which the light automatically turns on and stays illuminated for 12-15 hours. With IP68 waterproof rating material, these lights are safe against snow, rains, and blizzards.


  • Disc-shape lights
  • Strong and robust built
  • 1.2V battery
  • 5 hours charging time
  • 12 months manufacturer’s warranty



#9. Solar Step Lights, iThird LED Solar Powered Stair Lights Stainless Steel Outdoor Lighting for Deck Fence Path


With these lights, you can enjoy extreme brightness in your decks and porch steps by harnessing the sunlight itself. The unit is completely wireless; you can set them up in the location of your choice and relax as sunrays charge the battery. The 4 solars LED deck lights give 24 lumens of illuminations in general and get the job done when you need lighting in your deck.

The package includes an extra, powerful 3.2V 300mAH lithium rechargeable battery that gives 8-12 hours of endless brightness. It has a super-short charging time, i.e., only 4 hours, which is quite impressive as compared to other products on the list.

The lifespan is 50,000 hours per bulb that saves your money and environment for many years to come. environment


  • Warm white glow light
  • 6 solar LED deck lights included
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Weatherproof built
  • Money-back guarantee


#10. F-TECK Outdoor Stainless Steel LED Solar Step Light


This best waterproof solar deck light is an amazing choice for lighting and marking your space. You can easily mount the lights vertically over your decks and fences. Thanks to the high-quality battery, the unit can run up to 9 hours through the night and recharge automatically when the sun comes up.

Its non-crystalline silicon solar panel can collect solar energy even during overcast days. The LEDs are more durable than typical glass light bulbs and are even more efficient to give competent working power.


  • Floodlight LED type
  • 10-12 lumens
  • 0.12W LED power
  • 6300K white light color
  • 1.2V battery




So this is our review of the ten best solar deck step lights for the year. Though all these models are the right choice for everyone, the clear winner is Aootek 182 Led Solar outdoor motion sensor lights. With its good energy rating, efficient solar panels, PIR sensor coverage, and lithium-ion battery, it is not just a great choice for deck area but also for efficient night-time security.



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