Top 10 Best Softbox Lighting in 2020 – Buyer’s Guides & Reviews


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If you’re a photography enthusiast, you probably need a couple of softbox lighting stands. They aren’t essential, but they sure make your job a whole lot easier. Softbox lighting is an attachment for a photography studio flash or light. Softbox lighting is made of opaque nylon or polyester and has reflective interiors. Therefore, light is contained within the box and emitted through the front covering about a 90-degree angle.

Softbox lightings come in handy mostly when the available light is lower. And are great for working in shadows when the light is harsh. Softbox lighting is most useful when the subjects where you have some control over them and the situation.

Photography is an art. To master the art, you need perfect lighting. But natural light is not always available. Hence it would be best if you had artificial lighting. In that case, you have to use softbox lighting to click a perfect picture.


Best Softbox Lighting in 2020


#10. Julius Studio Photography Continuous Equipment Softbox 800w Lighting Kit


Julius Studio softbox lighting is an Amazing product for Video Camera Portraits. The lights are super bright. Julius Studio softbox lighting is effortless to set up; you can also use the lights for an interview-style video shooting.

The lights look great and durable, and the quality of the metal is remarkable.


  • Julius Studio softbox lighting gives you two-piece 20” x 28” Softbox and two pieces 85W Photo Bulb.
  • It also has a two-piece 78” Light Stand with a carrying Bag.
  • Standard Socket Base Size 6 ft. Long Cable Cord. It gives you an Ultimate soft light stream and removes shadow to make perfect shooting.
  • It saves Up to 80% Energy.


#9. Emart Photography Softbox Lighting Kit


Emart LED Softbox lights are durable and last a very long time. You can instantly switch between white, suitable for objects, and yellow for portraits. The lights are dimmable, and the lights can be easily repositioned with a handle on the back. 

Additionally, the power cords are quite long to have them about 8 feet away from the power source. Lastly, the stands are very stable and durable.


  • It comes with Two colors of temperature adjustment, 2700K and 5500K.
  • It also has a 2 x 20 “×27” softbox reflector with a diffuser, ensure for high-quality video lighting photography.
  • The 2 x LED lamp holder with 124 inches cable length, convenient for shooting photography.
  • And 2 x light stand, work strength for the heavy-duty frame, ensure steady work of softboxes.


#8. Fovitec – 2-Light 1000w Fluorescent Lighting Kit


Fovitec softbox light is the right product which will fulfill its duty. The price is adequate for its quality. We don’t know if professional equipment could do better, but this one will serve you perfectly right to an amateur whit the mileage to a professional.


  • Fovitec softbox light is Great for photo & video.
  • It also has two light kits that allow you to create various looks only by changing positions.
  • It’s straightforward to learn & easy to master.
  • It’s also energy efficient with 5500K daylight Color temperature.


#7. FOSITAN Softbox Photography Lighting Kit


FOSITAN Softbox Photography Lighting will exceed your expectations. It is an excellent quality Softbox set, and the customer service experience will be your best.

We highly recommended this product. This product is outstanding regarding light control, easy to use, and reliable quality. And it’s super easy to set up.


  • FOSITAN Softbox lighting has Excellent Socket Head Design and Hight Performance
  • It has a Multi-angle Adjustable Boom Arm
  • And Adjustable Height Light Stand and Rotating Head
  • It also comes with Double White Cloth Diffuser and All-in-one Carrying Bag.


#6. Kaezi Studiofx H9004SB2 2400 Watt Large Photography Softbox Continuous Photo Lighting Kit


You’re on a budget. And you’re looking to spend the minimum amount of money for the maximum amount of performance. Then this product is for you.

We admit the clasping mechanisms are considerably cheap. The stands are cheap feeling, but hear us out. It’ll deliver light exactly where you want it and keep it there. The fact is that it does precisely what you will want it to do and includes compromises.


  • Kaezi StudioFX has Three 16 “X24” Softbox.
  • It has 3 x Lightstand 7’ tall.
  • It also has 3 x Light head able to hold four light bulbs each.
  • And it gives you a Free Deluxe Carrying Case.


#5. MOUNTDOG Softbox Lighting Kit 20 “X28” Professional Photography Continuous Photo Studio Equipment With 2pcs 95W E27 Socket 5500K Video Lighting Bulb


MOUNTDOG Softbox Lighting will work for the purpose you will purchase them. The price is excellent compared to others on the list. The umbrella of the Softbox is lined in silver, thick material and will produce great light.


  • It’s Energy Saving Bulbs.
  • It has a 210° Rotatable Head and Flexible Softbox Stand.
  • And Super Quality Material.
  • It comes with Portable Softbox with a carrying Bag.


#4. Linco Lincostore 2000watt Photo Studio Lighting Kit


The Linco Lincostore is designed with an extra-large handle primarily to provide ease of adjustment. But it also doubles as increased support for larger umbrella light modifiers.

It’s a high-quality product.


  • Its New Designed Flora X 4-Socket Light Head with Ceramic Base Protector and Cap.
  • New Designed Auto Pop-up Softbox with Diffuse and Flat Bag.
  • The Linco Lincostore has New Revolution Set-up.
  • And is also Upgrade to 7×10 Backdrop Stand Support Kit.


#3. Neewer 700W Professional Photography Softbox With E27 Socket Light Lighting Kit


Neewer softbox lighting probably not for high-end professional photographers because there is not much adjustment. But for quick work in a small shop, this set up is excellent. The quality is excellent, and the stands are stable.


  • The kit has two pieces, 24 “X24”/60x60cm Softbox and two pieces, 85W 5500K CFL Light Bulb.
  • And two-piece 88”/224cm light Stand with 1 Carrying Bag.
  • It also has a two-piece 24 “X24”/60x60cm Softbox.
  • Lastly, two pieces of 85W 5500K CFL Light Bulb.

#2. Limostudio 2Pack Photography Studio Continuous 26” Octagonal Soft Box Lighting Light Kit


The LimoStudio Softbox Lighting Light is a nice size light that brightens a dark room you can use for vlogging. The connectors are plasticity but hold the umbrella up.


  • It has two pieces of 82.3-Inch-Tall Light Stand Tripod.
  • And two pieces of 105W Full Spectrum CFL Bulb.
  • CFL Bulb Saves up to 80% Energy.
  • The Tripod Light Stand is Height Adjustable.


#1. Showmaven Photography Bi-Color Dimmable LED 3 Softbox Lighting Kit


Our final product is the ShowMaven softbox lighting kit. If you are passionate about photography, choose the Showmaven Bi-color dimmable Softbox lighting. They’re quite famous for their lighting gears for photography.

ShowMaven has built quite a reputation around their top-notch products. And this one isn’t any different. This product adds professional maximized light spread at a convenient, competitive cost.


  • High-Quality Nylon is used in ShowMaven softbox lighting.
  • Its size is 20” x 28” Large Soft Box.
  • It Ultimate Soften Light Stream and Remove Shadow to Make Perfect Shooting.
  • And it has 2 Levels Light Control Available.


Best Softbox Lighting Buying Guides



If you are a professional or amateur photographer, then having the right equipment set is very important to achieve great results. Thus you need a softbox that keeps the lighting just perfect.

Softbox Lighting Kit

After choosing Softbox, you have to select a softbox lighting kit to ensure that the size and shape are perfect for your desired condition. The larger Softbox, the larger, softer quality of light you will get. But then it also needs a higher output for the lighting that will fill up the entire space of the Softbox.

Single or Multiple Softbox Lighting

When you use a handheld camera or a point-and-shoot one, you should be okay with a small softbox. The product is designed for shooting images at a much closer range. But if you are doing a group shot or a full-body type of photography shot, we recommend that you use multiple softboxes to achieve the even and soft lighting you need.

Size of Softbox

The size of your Softbox must be about a similar size as the person or object you are taking a photo of. To determine what size to purchase for your needs.

Interior Surface of The Softbox

Lastly, be sure that you check the interior surface of the Softbox you buy. There are silver and white in the market, but we recommend silver if you want a more stunning specular appearance and improved contrast. As for a white lining, this works best for keeping the colors neutral.




Choosing the right softbox lighting should be much more comfortable after learning more about our recommendations and buying guide. Make sure that you compare the different features to achieve the results you want for your next photoshoot.



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