Best Security Lights for your Home – Buyer’s Guides & Reviews


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Want to keep an eye on your home all the time even if you are away from it? Well, then all you need to do is to have security lights with a camera. As no one likes that someone else stole their assets or damage their home so, proper security measures are essential.

Besides, security lights are powered with motion sensors therefore, can detect even the slightest movements.  In this piece of information, I will help you in picking up energy-efficient and best security lights for your home.

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Best Security Lights for Your Home Buying Guide

While you are looking for the best security lights then make sure that you are choosing the right one. As there are a lot of products available in this regard which claims to be the best but not all of them works great. Therefore, you need to choose carefully by keeping in view all the important features of these lights. Read this guideline for gaining more clarity about it!

What are the types of security lights?

Security lights are of different types and every type has its merit as well demerits. You can either use motion-activated outdoor security lights or solar security lights. Besides, there are some other types which are also a good option to consider. Let’s have a look at the different types of home security lights!

1. Motion Activated Outdoor Security Lights

These lights are only activated when they detect any motion so these are energy efficient. Other than that, these are equipped with PIR (passive infrared) sensors which make them an ideal choice for home security. Also, these not only highlight the intruders but also lighten up when they detect footsteps so, become a source of illumination in the darkness.

2. Solar Security Lights

The key feature of solar security lights is that they don’t require any additional power source so save electricity. Their working principle is that they absorb solar energy and stores them in their rechargeable batteries. After full charging, you can use them for 10-12 hours without any hindrance. These are not only cost-effective but also environment friendly so an excellent buy.

3. Timer and Light-Sensitive Security Lights

As their name depicts, these are sensitive to light and have set times. Therefore, they are activated in darkness and remain well eliminated throughout the night. When the sun comes out, then these are automatically turned off as they can detect the levels of light. However, these are not cost-effective especially during winter when the dark time is pretty long.

4. LED and Halogen Flood Lights

This is the most common type which is widely used as the outdoor lighting for car parking, in-home and around business premises. On the bright side, these use less energy so cost-effective. Adding to this, halogen floodlights provide you with super bright white light so what else you could ask for?

Motion Detection

The first and most important factor is that whether the light is powered with motion detectors or not? Ideally, you should look for that light that is highly sensitive to motion as it is best for making your home secure. So, whenever there will be any suspicious movement around your home, these lights will alert you by their movements.

Adjustable Timing

Another important feature is the timing of motion light and you should search for adjustable timing security light. Whenever these lights detect any movement, these are brightened up and remain lighted for a specific time for 30 seconds to 10 minutes. So, this will save your energy and electricity consumption hence, the best option for outdoor lighting.

Backup Rechargeable Battery

The next important factor is the battery of security light and not to mention that it should be of good quality. If the light will have an efficient battery, then it will turn even in the absence of electricity. So, it will better protect your home without any worry hence, you can keep an eye on your home all the time.

Commonly, these lights come with aluminum batteries however, their timing and performance vary. Some have extra layers on them to remain safe for long term use and this will be a great purchase.


Make sure that the lights which you are going to purchase are easy to install so you can save the cost of an electrician. Nowadays many good brands provide you super easy to install lights which you can adjust just in few minutes. Furthermore, some only need few screws and no additional wire is required for their installation so what else do you need?


It is always wise to look for a product that comes with a long-term warranty. So that you can worry-free purchase and can claim for it if you have any issue with these lights. Luckily, few brands offer you a 5-years warranty that is pretty long. Not only that but they also offer you 24-hour service so this will be a great product for the price. 



Q: Where should outdoor security lights be placed?

You can use these around gardens, backyards, driveways, and garages.

Q: Are flood lights good for security?

Yes, if these are installed properly then these can be good but you also need to use other tools for making your home completely safe.

Q: What are the best security lights for the home?

The ring floodlight security cam and SANSI LED outdoor motion-activated security lights are best for making your home secure.


Best Security Lights Reviews

#1. Ring Floodlight Security Cam

Ring Floodlight Security Cam-homelightsblog

Want to have super bright security lights with the camera? Then you can’t go wrong with the Ring floodlight security camera. Talking about its details, it contains efficient motion sensors that can differentiate between people and objects. So, if you hear any suspicious movement you can see it on your screen without going out. Other than that, it has two ultra-bright lights that provide you crystal clear vision in dark. The key feature is that it has 5 years warranty so, you can worry-free purchase.


  • Super bright
  • Motion sensors
  • Saves Electricity
  • 5 years free warranty


#2. LITOM Original Solar Security Lights


LITOM Original Solar Security Lights-homelightsblog


The LITOM original solar lights are one of the best security lights with a camera and have an innovative design. Adding to this, these are powered with upgradeable and brighter LED lights. Furthermore, these have a wide range design which increases the angle as well as an area of illumination by 50%. It has three convenient modes hence could be used on the back yard, front door, garage, and driveway. Besides, these solar lights are very reliable and have a double life span than other lights.


  • Brighter & wider lights
  • Three convenient modes
  • 36-Month long life span


#3. Aootek 182 Led Solar Outdoor Lights


Aootek 182 Led Solar Outdoor Lights-homelightsblog


Next on the list is an ultra-bright and high-efficient led lights that are known as Aootek 182 led solar outdoor lights. These are not only equipped with upgradeable motion detectors but also have PIR sensors that can detect people from more than 26 feet. Other than that, it is strengthened with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that is very bright and efficient. Besides, its led lights have a wide-angle of illumination and are durable hence, an ideal option for long-term use.


  • Three optional modes
  • Sensitive PIR Motion inductor
  • Waterproof and heatproof


#4. Mr. Beams MB360 Wireless LED Spotlight


Mr. Beams MB360 Wireless LED Spotlight-homelightsblog


Another great security light on the list is named Mr. Beams MB360 wireless spotlight that is made up of high-quality material. Speaking about its details, this outdoor security light with a camera provides you 350 square of feet coverage. The key feature is that it is equipped with an amazing motion sensor that automatically turns on and off. Furthermore, it is wireless and has simple installation so you can install it in minutes without any trouble. Besides, it has a weatherproof design that makes it highly durable and reliable.


  • Extremely bright LED lights
  • Minimum power consumption
  • Weatherproof design


#5. LEPOWER 35W LED Security Lights


LEPOWER 35W LED Security Lights-homelightsblog


The LEPOWER 35W LED security lights are equipped with a Samsung LED lamp bead which these use as a security light source. This is capable of producing super bright light with less power consumption. On the bright side, these have professional optical designed filter lens which provide better illumination along with saving 80% electricity. Besides, it can detect the movement of humans, cars, or animals from more than 72ft with a 180-degree wide detection angle. Also, they are waterproof and can withstand harsh weather so, best for home security.


  • Full metal design
  • Adjustable and easy installation
  • Upgradeable motion sensor lights


#6. Sunforce 80 LED Solar Motion Light


Sunforce 80 LED Solar Motion Light-homelightsblog


Want to have the best outdoor motion sensor lights with impressive features? Then you can’t go wrong with the Sunforce 80 LED solar motion light. These are featured with 2 adjustable settings and the duration of light after detecting motion is 30-120 seconds. Adding to this, it has 80 LED solar motion lights with rechargeable batteries. It comes with a 15 feet long wire along with mounting hardware so you don’t need any additional equipment for its installation.


  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Full weather-proof design
  • Easy installation and maintenance-free


#7. LIGHT IT by Fulcrum Wireless Security Lights


LIGHT IT by Fulcrum Wireless Security Lights-homelightsblog


Talking about the LIGHT IT by Fulcrum, it provides you hands-free movement because of its awesome motion sensors. Besides, this ultra-bright light provides you wide range of coverage so you don’t need to worry about the security of your home after installing it. This is super easy to install as it needs only two screws for installation and no additional wires are required. Furthermore, it is weatherproof and resistant to moisture hence, you won’t regret it after purchasing it.


  • Easy to install
  • Extended battery life
  • Ultra-bright & Glare-free LED light


#8. LEONLITE LED Security Lights


LEONLITE LED Security Lights-homelightsblog


The LEONLITE LED security light is made up of superior quality material which makes it a reliable product to use. Besides, it has highly responsive motion sensors that can detect movements from more than 70ft distance. It is not only suitable for home use but can also be used for commercial security purposes. Other than that, it has triple operation modes along with having dusk to dawn feature. This means that it will automatically turn on at dawn and will turn off at dusk.


  • Durable and lasting
  • Triple operation modes
  • High-quality motion sensors


#9. Solar Security Light 80 LEDs Outdoor


Solar Security Light 80 LEDs Outdoor-homelightsblog


The solar security light 80 LEDs are the best motion sensor light bulb outdoor which provides you enhanced security. These are equipped with motion detection sensors so an ideal choice for parking, walkway, balcony, and garage. It utilizes highly bright bullet LEDs and comes with an amazing battery. Adding to this, its battery has 3 layers for keeping for enhanced safety defense of the circuit. Also, it is very portable and has easy installation so, saves the cost of an electrician.


  • Easy installation and service
  • Solar motion sensor lighting
  • Waterproof light


#10. SANSI LED Motion Activated Security Lights


SANSI LED Motion Activated Security Lights-homelightsblog


The SANSI LED motion-activated security lights come in an eye-catching design. Furthermore, these are ultra-bright and have 6 LED bulbs that produce more than 100 lumens brightness. These motion sensor outdoor wall lights are equipped with high-performance light which gives it up to 50,000 hours life span. Also, these keep your home well illuminated and best for keeping it secure from thieves. Other than that, it offers you 24-hours service and 5 years warranty so if you face any issue then you can contact the manufacturer.


  • Saves electricity
  • 5-year warranty
  • Motion sensors and super bright




Thus, this was all about the best security lights for your home. I hope you have gained some useful insights and clarity from this guideline.

Although all of these products are amazing however Ring floodlight security cam is the best among all because of its elegant design, highly responsive motion sensors, and 5-year warranty.

If you enjoy reading this article then share it and don’t forget to give your valuable feedback.



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