Best Lights for Streaming – Buyer’s Guides & Reviews


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If you’ve recently started streaming then you must be discovering all the essentials of it including a good webcam, great microphone, and high-quality lights. While most people focus on cameras and microphones, they forget that lighting is an essential part too.

Streaming can be done with just any light however good quality streaming is only attainable whit the help of a detailed lighting setup. To help you achieve that detailed lighting setup, you have to buy different lights that fulfill different purposes.

To help you out below is everything you need to know about streaming lights, frequently asked questions about them, and a detailed list of different lights for your convenience.

Without waiting any further time, let’s get on with the article to find the best lights for streaming!


Buying Guide to get the best lights for streaming

There are a few tips and tricks that you need to know before getting streaming lights for your streaming sessions. To make these sessions successful, go through these points carefully.

1. Which type of streaming lights fits your needs?

There are different kinds of streaming lights that need to be explored before you select the one for you. There are two different kinds of lights – softbox lights and desktop lights. Both are meant to be used as primary key lights however they both have different effects. Let’s check out if they’re fit to be used for your streaming sessions or not.

1.1 Desktop lights

Desktop lights are easy to place and operate. These have different kinds as well but the most abundant ones are ring lights. Ring lights are lights used by professionals that create a bright and direct lighting effect. This is mostly used for filming short clips and clicking pictures. It is not the best for streaming due to its sharp light but it works great as well but only when used correctly.

1.2 Softbox lights

Softbox lights are the ideal choice for streaming. These lights work through a detailed mechanism that is made to provide the optimal lighting setup. An LED is installed inside a lighting box with material on top to dim its sharp glow. The light produced this way is softer and covers a large surface area, providing the perfect glow for subtle streaming. If you want to create a more approachable look, I would recommend that you select this light. Also, these are ideal if you have a smaller working space.

2. Number of lights you need for live streaming

By the number of lights here, I mean the kinds of lights you’ll need. There is a hierarchy among lights, more of a primary, secondary, and tertiary system. There is a main key light, a fill light that covers what is missed by the main light, and an extra lighting source as well as additional lights if you further need any assistance.

2.1 Primary key light

The primary key light is the main source of energy. Desktop and softboxes are a part of this lighting system. Since it is the main lighting source, it is placed directly behind the camera. Most streamers use the ring light behind cameras since it provides a bright and fresh glow in even the most poorly lit rooms. Clip-on desk lights are another type of light commonly used.

2.2 Secondary fill light

If you solely base your stream with light emitting from the primary key light, your stream is bound to be low-quality. This is because light from the key light, especially ring lights, cause sharp shadows and glare. You need to combine it with a fill light to emit any such shadows. If you cannot afford to get one, you can use your regular table lamp as well. Since it is the secondary source, it needs to be of low intensity to create a softer look.

2.3 Tertiary lighting source

Although the basic two lights cover all the requirements of a good lighting system when streaming, you might want to use a 3rd lighting source as well. It is used when you want to create a three-point lighting system. It is also common to get a third lighting source when you have no natural light coming through or decide to film at night.

2.4 Lighting accessories

Lighting accessories, by no means, mean more lights. By lighting accessories, I am referring to different reflectors and such items used when streaming. First things first, if you are a professional streamer or are an aspiring artist, you might want to get your own studio space. When you get such a space, you will need different accessories like umbrellas and softboxes to diffuse the light.



Q: What is the best lighting for zoom?

The best lighting for zoom or any other video, or even when you’re streaming is to use alight directly in front of you. It’s alright if you do not add additional light but beware of the shadows.

Q: Do ring lights hurt your eyes?

No, anything with low intensity is not bound to hurt your eyes. However, if you use high-intensity ring lights or stare at them for long, it can cause harm.

Q: Which is better, ring light or softbox?

Ring lights produce a sharp glow while softboxes produce soft glows. However, ring lights do not cause any heat emissions while softboxes do. It depends on your requirements as well as your personal preference.


Best lights for streaming review

#1. MACTREM 6 inch LED ring light


The first on my list is the 6 inches LED ring light from Mactrem. The perfect product to start with, this light provides the best illumination possible. The ring brightness can be adjusted up to 11 different levels. The light can be altered too among the three choices available, white, warm white, and warm yellow. This light guarantees to make your face brighter and clearer so that your expressions are more evident throughout your stream.


  • Different lighting modes
  • Multipurpose light
  • USB compatible


#2. MOUNTDOG softbox lighting kit


Mountdog is a name you would’ve heard often in the electronics industry, especially lights. This brand promises and delivers the best lights for all purposes. This softbox lighting kit uses powerful 75W bulbs for a bright result. The photo lighting angle can be rotated a full 210 degrees to adjust the lighting according to your streaming needs. It can be easily assembled with the help of a metal bracket and conveniently folded and carried in the carry bag provided.


  • Easily portable
  • Made of superior quality
  • Can last for 8000 hours a day


#3. NEEWAR 700W lighting kit


NEEWAR is also a trusted brand that produces high-quality lights that provide the best glow to your streams. The lighting kit consists of a softbox with extremely powerful 85W bulbs. The inner aluminized fabric surface reflects and distributes light efficiently creating the brightest yet softest glow, perfect for streaming. The kit even has an E27 socket, from which you can directly connect light bulbs easily.


  • Removable external diffuser
  • Adjustable lamp holder
  • Has an easily closable white front cover


#4. EMART 60 LED studio lighting lamps


These studio lamps are perhaps the most versatile lamps on my list today. Emart ensures to provide you with the best experience while you stream. These lamps come with gel filters in 4 different colors, red, orange, blue, and white, to produce different glows and enhance your streaming quality. The 11-inch stand is perfect for placing anywhere, even on your tabletop behind your laptop.


  • Uses 60 LEDs to provide excellent light
  • HAs a brightness of 1400 lumens
  • 180-degrees adjustable angle


#5. ELGATO led panel key light


Elgato is known to be different and that is visible with their LED panel key light that has the most unique design on my list today. The light also has a high brightness ratio, consisting of 2800 lumens. This brightness can easily be altered as well since too much light can cause sharp shadows that look unappealing. The Opal glass surface diffuses the light so that you get a perfect glare-free light. This is the ideal desk-up streaming light.


  • Versatile color temperature
  • Has app-enabled feedback settings
  • Low heat emission


#6. NEEWAR super slim video light


Another one from NEEWAR, this little light helps you create better and innovative streaming videos. The ultra-thin construction has energy-saving bulbs placed inside that help conserve energy. The premium material makes the light super durable. The brightness and color temperature can be controlled simply by the twist of a knob. The clear LCD emits light on a large surface area, covering more regions. It also produces low heat and no harmful ultraviolet or infrared rays. You can stream all night long with no worries.


  • Easily adjustable knobs
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Doesn’t use a traditional single bulb
  • Has a 120-degrees beam angle


#7. NEEWAR U-bracket video light


This dimmable bi-color light produces excellent lighting with its 480 LEDs. NEEWAR bagged all the points with this one. Not only is it super lightweight and compact but the construction is durable and reliable as well. The color temperature knob allows you to easily switch between 3200K to 5200K. The white diffuser helps to even out your skin tone and produce a softer glow. The versatility of the light is my favorite part, you can use it on a tripod stand or even just on any surface.


  • Has a brightness of 3360 lumens
  • U-mount bracket allows mobility
  • Made of premium aluminum alloy


#8. FOVITEC fluorescent studio lighting system


If you’re looking for the ultimate three-point lighting kit, well, Fovitec will be the right choice. Their fluorescent lighting studio is meant to create the most flattering image of you while you stream. It even comes with a boom arm that allows you to have a light overhead to produce the best glow and highlight your features well. While other softboxes make you sweat, this reduces heat by about 90% which will make you work more efficiently. This makes it consume less energy, saving your electricity.


  • Powerful 45W lamp bulbs included
  • Uses durable softboxes
  • Boom arm enables a better lighting setup


#9. Falcon eyes SO-28TD kit


Another versatile design, the Falcon eyes SO-28TD offers a feature that no other light can offer – a touchscreen control! A remote can also be used to control different modes however, it needs to be bought separately. The mutual-control technology lets to decide between 4 dimmable modes. The bi-color temperature helps produce a glowing effect on your face while you stream effortlessly!


  • Has a color temperature of 3000K to 5600K
  • Includes 120 LED lights
  • 65-degree beam angle allows rotation


#10. Aputure barn doors magnetic gel holder


The most professional light on my list today, this light should only be selected if you’re a professional streamer and not just starting. This light is designed to prevent light spill and produce the most cinematic effect while you film. The design also features a reflector dish and a gel holder along with four clover leaves. The light can be rotated only by 30-degrees, which is way less than what other lights offer. The gel holder enables you to add colors easily. The light is also super lightweight and portable.


  • Durable aluminum design
  • 4-leaf velvet fabric absorbs light
  • Comes with a back reflector dish




So, this was my list of the best lights for streaming. Streaming is an upcoming trend and most youngsters and adults as well do it for fun or professionally. Good-quality streaming is only possible through good lighting and setup and to help you achieve that, you need good products.

My favorite light today was the NEEWAR super slim video light that is easily portable and provides bright and clean lighting. Let me know in the comments below which light pleased you the most. I look forward to hearing from you all!



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