Best Lights for Bowfishing – Buyer’s Guides & Reviews


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Quite often, I’ve unsuccessful fishing trips resulting due to lousy bow fishing lights. Are you tired of low-quality fishing lights too? When all your hard work goes into nothing and you end up having caught barely any fish? Well, don’t you worry anymore!

Reaching out to all my bowfishing friends, I carefully contemplated and compiled a list of the best lights for bowfishing that will help you get a better shot at the activity.

For beginners, yes, bowfishing isn’t all about the bow and the fishing. You need excessive illumination as well to spot and attract fish. Bowfishing can be done in the day but fish are more active during the night time hence you have a better score chance.

Without further ado, let’s get on with our fishing journey!


Buying Guide to get the best lights for bow fishing

Buying lights is an easy task. Just select a light and be done with it right? Wrong. Buying these lights takes a lot more thought than you would expect. You need to consider the light type, color as well as brightness. To help you out, here’s a little guide for you.

1. Which type of bowfishing lights fits your needs?

There are different lights made to fit different bowfishing situations. For where the water is murky, you might need high-intensity lights, and where there is clear water, small LED lights will suffice too. Let’s take a look at the various bow-fishing lights below.

1.1 LED lights

Bowfishers that opt for LEDs do so because they are so easy to install and do not cost much. These lights are meant to be used in clear water so if you’re fishing in lakes or small creeks, this is the ideal choice. These also require almost no maintenance, and they don’t produce any glare to distract you from fishing.

The one disadvantage of these lights is that they are useless in murky water because of their low-penetration rate.

1.2 High-pressure sodium lights

The opposite of LED lights, these lights are meant to be used in muddy water. Unlike their powerful function, these lights barely weigh anything and super easy to carry around. Portability is indeed one of their prideful features. However, these offer fewer color choices, mainly being yellow and orange. These penetrate the water much better which is why they’re preferred over all other types. These also require way more energy and electricity than LED ones which is why you will probably need to take a generator along. I would recommend you to take a quieter generator with you if you do not want to scare off your score.

1.3 Halogen lights

The last type I will be discussing today is halogen lights. These lights are known for their wide availability, they can be found at just about any hardware store easily. These require even more power than HSP lights but these also give out more illumination when compared.

These lights need a generator however they cost much less than both o the other options. These penetrate much lesser than HPS lights though, so if you want to cover a large surface area, these are great. And if you want to cut into deep murky waters, then this is not a good choice.

2. Color of your bow fishing lights

Just like any other lights, different colors in these lights produce different results. Your color choice will be most influenced by the color of the water you intend to fish in. Since this is the most important aspect, it needs the most amounts of attention and consideration. The three main light colors that attract fish and make bowfishing easier are given below.

2.1 Yellow lights

People prefer yellow lights because those are easier on the eyes with reduced glare than white lights. Fishers also opt for yellow lights as they penetrate deeper than white ones. These are best for dark and muddy waters as the color yellow works great with the tea-stained water. It is much easier to spot fishes this way.

2.2 Warm white lights

The most abundantly used lights are used in waters where the visibility rate is low. These lights are better than cool white lights as these have a bit more yellow shade to them, hence being called ‘warm’. These have a lower penetration rate than yellow lights therefore are available as LEDs too. If you’re looking for a reasonably priced small light that can be used in slightly murky waters, this is your pick.

2.3 Cool white lights

Cool white lights are mostly found as LED lights. These have the lowest penetration rate and can only be used in clear and bright waters. They can be used in semi-clear waters as well without a problem. If you’re going for a murky trip, this might not be the light for you. Since the lights are almost always LED, there will be no glare issues either.

3. The brightness of your bow fishing light

While lights usually are marked by their watts, a unit used to measure energy, brightness is measured by lumens. Since the brighter the light, the better it is as it enables you to cut deeper into dark and dirty water, always go for brighter lights.

However, it is important to note that lights that are too bright may produce glare and disrupt your fishing journey. So, only use the brightest lights when the water is extremely contaminated. Since high lumens are indicated by higher watts, always go for lights that have higher watts of energy.



Q: Can you use LED lights for bow fishing?

Yes, you can use LED lights for bowfishing but only in clear or slightly murky waters as they have a low penetration rate.

Q: How many lumens do you need for bow fishing?

The more the lumens, the better since higher brightness enables the light to cut through the water and help you see clearly.

Q: What color light is best for bow fishing?

It depends on the kind of water you will be fishing at. Muddy waters call for yellow lights while clear ones or slightly muddy ones require white lights.


Best lights for bow fishing reviews

#1. Nilight 126W LED light bar


The first on my list is the Nilight 126W LED light bar. Due to its high wattage equalling to equally high brightness, it is the best light for clear visibility. This makes it the best bowfishing light for muddy waters. The light is made of an aluminum alloy body housing a conductive silicone gel that dissipates heat effectively. Since they are primarily used in the water they are 100% waterproof and dustproof as well.


  • Easy to mount and set up
  • Rust-proof and anti-corrosive body
  • Uses pure white light


#2. LEpower 100W LED flood light


The LEpower 100W LED flood light can produce up to 8000 lumens, signifying a very bright white light. The energy-efficient design also helps conserve electricity. The tempered glass along with the cross design protects the lamp from heating up or harming you or your boat. Pretty evident that is waterproof, the light also has a wide beam angle which lets you cover a large surface area, approximately 120 degrees, when bowfishing.


  • Metal bracket allows easy installation
  • Has a safety UL plug
  • The light isn’t designed to be submerged underwater


#3. Ustellar 80W LED flood light


This energy-saving bow fishing light is an affordable choice for fisher newbies. It is compact, saves space, and is way more effective as compared to the traditional lights. It also does not produce any harmful emissions. It is very easy to install and provides a large coverage area. The light transmitted through the tempered glass is glare-free however it is recommended to not directly look towards the light. Die-cast aluminum makes the body resistant to rough use and super durable.


  • Efficient cooling system
  • Safe from rusting and corrosion
  • The white light illuminates a large surface area at once


#4. Nilight 18W LED pods


If you have a small boat and are looking for something small and compact, this is just the product for you. These lights are the tiniest bowfishing lights however do not be fooled by their size for they provide a bright light that covers a large surface area at once. Since they are only 18W, they are the ideal choice for fishing in lakes and small creeks with clear water.


  • Lower brightness intensity
  • Pure white lights are used
  • The excellent heat dissipation system


#5. Viugreum 50W LED outdoor light


This superior quality light emits 4000 lumens with a 120-degree wide beam angle. Viugreum paid special attention to your safety and carefully constructed the slim-fit aluminum body that takes low space and does not heat at all. It also has an IP67 waterproof structure. The bowfishing light setup is meant to be positioned on the boat with the help of the metal bracket and not submerged inside the water.


  • Has warm white flood light
  • The slightly higher penetration rate
  • Saves 80% of electricity due to low energy consumption


#6. Linkstyle Submersible fishing light


This is perhaps the only subversive fishing light on my list today. The Linkstyle fishing light consists of 120 LEDs installed on 360 degrees rotating angle to provide bright and complete illumination. It is made of high-quality aluminum and led with a silicone gel inside. The light has a long life, lasting for about 50,000 hours in a single-use.


  • Has a built-in weight so it wouldn’t sink
  • Low battery consumption
  • Compact and easy to store


#7. QUANS 30W floodlight LED lamp


This is the best color light for bowfishing for long days when you have no power source available. The solar panel powered device allows you to fish for days without returning to shore. The 30W light is bright enough for slightly muddy or murky waters with a warm white light. The warm white light prevents glare and makes bow-fishing an easy and fun experience. It requires absolutely no maintenance and the light lasts you for a while due to low power consumption!


  • IP65 waterproof finish
  • 120-degree adjustable beam angle
  • Has a luminous flux of 3000 lumens


#8. SUCOOL 48W LED flood beam lights


If you’re looking for a small and compact light that has high-quality features, this is just the light for you. What’s unique about this light is that the light uses an Italian optical reflectivity projector that reflects the light far and wide. This enables you to catch more fish in one go!


  • High-intensity 48W LEDs
  • Waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof
  • IP67 waterproof coating


#9. TMH 27W square LED flood lamp


The TMH square flood lamp uses 27W high-power LEDs to provide optimum light. The waterproof IP67 feature enables you to use the light even in rough tides. The light rotates slightly, only 60 degrees hence not the best choice if you want rotating lights. It also comes with a 1-year warranty.


  • Has 2060 lumens of brightness
  • Has a life of 50,000 hours
  • Uses cool white light


#10. Novostella 60W outdoor LED floodlights


The last item on my list is the Novostella 60W outdoor LED floodlights. These bowfishing lights for boats are one the strongest intensity lights on my list today. They have a brightness rate of 6000 lumens to give you a clear and bright view. The fin-type design allows the light to have super-efficient heat sinks as well which protects from overheating.


  • Energy-saving design
  • High-intensity light
  • Super durable




This was my list of the best lights for bowfishing along with almost everything you need to know about bowfishing to find good light. The Novostella LED floodlights are LEDs that are affordable and easy to use which is why they are my favorite.

If this article helped you improve your bowfishing, let me know in the comments below.



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