Top 10 Best Led Video Lights in 2020 – Buyer’s Guides & Reviews


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Suppose you work with Magnifying Glass and need extra light to see clearly. In that case, Magnifying glasses with lights are your best option. In other words, Magnifying Glass was invented to work on tiny structures. And the light will enhance that ability.

After all, An artist needs to see clearly to create a masterpiece. These top 10 Magnifying Glass with lights are perfect for working on tiny electronic devices, watches, jewelry, and more.

In this article, we have the top 10 Magnifying glasses with lights in 2020 for you. We are going to guide you and let you pick the best one according to your preference.


Best Led Video Lights in 2020


#10. Viltrox L116t Ra Cri95 Slim Led Light Panel


VILTROX L116T LED light has the newest LED honeycomb design. Similarly, It has natural and soft lights, high brightness, and stable color temperature. And The high definition LCD makes the operation interface clear.

Furthermore, The hot shoe adopts durable metal baseboard. VILTROX video light can be mounted on, DV camcorder, DSLR, and tripod.


  • It is lightweight and portable.
  • It also comes with an NP-F550 battery.
  • You can change the temperature from 3300k-5600k quickly, and the bright gauge adjusts 20%-100%.
  • VILTROX L116T LED light has an LCD that can show the brightness, color temperature, and battery percent.


#9. GVM RGB Video Light with APP Control


If you want an RGB light that has premium features at a budget price, then this GVM RGB-10S light is for you. It’s built well. Moreover, The operation is simple, and best of all, it can be controlled with a smartphone app for either Android or iOS.

GVM RGB Video Light can be used in either RGB or bi-color mode, making this light very adaptable to various situations.


  • It has RGB Full Color Output.
  • Eight kinds of special scenes.
  • APP Intelligent Control System, so you can control it using an android or ios.
  • It also has High Color Rendering Index, CRI97+.
  • You can adjust brightness from 0%-100%.
  • And also Color Temperature Adjustment: 3200K-5600K.


#8. Viltrox Vl-162t Cri95+ Led Video Light


VILTROX LED video light is very impressive. It is reasonably well built and offers a great amount of light and good battery life. In other words, these lights are simply fantastic, small, bright, tunable, long-lasting, and lightweight.


  • It has Dimmable and Color Modes Features.
  • It comes with Battery with Charger Included.
  • It also has a built-in LCD.
  • Multiple Lamps Combined Design. With two extending slots on both sides.


#7. Dazzne LED Video Light Kit with Wireless Remote


This product is Extremely bright, lightweight, thin, remote-controlled at a perfect price. This LED light kit will completely surprise you in quality and functionality. And is the ideal full light kit option for low budget filmmakers.


  • It has Bi-colors & LCD.
  • Wireless remote control: you can easily access brightness/color temperature settings, channel/group selection, as well as accurately and timely control over dimming parameters.
  • It also has Dual Power Supply: Plug-in powered mode is for indoor photography; battery-powered mode for outdoor photography.
  • And it comes with an All-in-one travel bag.


#6. VILTROX Vl-200 Light 30W Bi-Color 3300K-5600K Studio Lights Kit


VILTROX LED lights are an excellent option for videographers and photographers. They are light, compact, and work well.

You videographer you will find these lights to be very useful. They have decent quality, and you can dim and change the color of these lights. The light stands were much sturdier than traditional stands.


  • ILTROX VL-200 is a 2 Packs LED Video Light Kit.
  • It has a Thin Bi-color Led Light Panel to adjust the accurate color temperature from 3300k-5600k, brightness control 20%-100%.
  • You can Wirelessly remotely control for signal or whole group lighting settings.
  • It also has an adjustable light stand and hot shoe adapter to help find perfect angles and heights in the photo and video shoots.
  • A DC adapter or Lithium battery can power the LED video light.


#5. Neewer Led Video Light Kit


Neewer LED Video Light lights are fantastic. It’s a great solution to continuous lighting for either photography or video. The light and stand are perfect for a low-cost option if you are a YouTuber or photographer.

It’s a professional premium product for photographers and videographers.


  • Neewer LED Video light stand is constructed from aluminum alloy, giving it exceptional strength for heavy-duty work.
  • It also has adjustable brightness with two filters 3200/5500K White and orange.
  • And You can easily change the color temperature and brightness to present the desired shooting environment.
  • It’s very easy to operate.


#4. Fositan Led Video Light


You will be genuinely impressed with these lights. Starting with the tripod, it has lightweight stands. The lights themselves are lightweight, which is reasonable considering you might have other heavy gears.

FOSITAN LED Video Light can be used either by standard camera batteries or the included power cable.


  • Its Made of premium aviation frosted aluminum alloy, non-slip, high heat dissipation.
  • It has Dual battery and support NP-F550,NP-F750 ,NP-F970 battery.
  • You will get Superior light performance
  • There is a high-definition LCD on the back of the light
  • It also has a 79-inch adjustable light stand.


#3. Samtian Dimmable Led Video Light Kit 3200k 5600k Continuous Panel Light


This product is a dimmable LED light with ten levels of brightness. SAMTIAN Dimmable LED Video Light can be easily mounted to the camera or tripod. Compact enough to be carried to different destinations. Perfectly suitable for weddings, portraits, news photography, and more.


  • It has a Multi-Power Supply. One battery in-camera video light can last half an hour for continuous lighting. Perfect for indoor or outdoor users.
  • It also has a Super Bright LED.
  • You will get Level 10 Dimming Brightness
  • And a 2-Meter Adjustment Light Stand


#2. GVM Dimmable Bi-Color 900D LED Video Light And Stand Lighting Kit


GVM Dimmable Bi-Color 900D LED Video Light and Stand Lighting Kit is Designed with lightweight and durable construction. Due to this, you can carry this product with you wherever you go. And remote control it with your phone.

Moreover, the White diffuser can soften the light source and enhance skin tone in portraits photography.


  • It needs Power: 50W.
  • And LED Beads: 896 Pieces.
  • It has a Color Temperature from 3200-5600K.
  • You will get Lumen: 26000Lux/inch.


#1. Neewer 2 Packs 660 LED Video Light Dimmable Bi-Color Lighting Kit


Lastly, Neewer 2 Packs 660 LED Video Light is just the product for you. The light’s quality is impressive, and they can get so bright that you don’t need other lights most of the time.

Additionally, the barn doors are an excellent feature, and switching between bulbs’ color makes your workflow smooth. It has Great battery life and durable stands to make it through a whole shoot with ease.


  • It has a Power Adapter 6600mAh F970 Replacement Battery.
  • And LED Beads: 660 Pieces 330 White+330 Yellow.
  • You can adjust Color Temperature from 3200-5600K.
  • You will get Lumen: 3360Lux/m; CRI: 96+.


Led Video Lights Buying Guides



Firstly You will start with your budget before any purchasing. Although LED video lights are now more available and more affordable, they still vary in prices and quality. However, It’s up to you whether you will buy one large/expensive LED light or several smaller or cheap ones.


Secondly, how will you use the LED lights? If you’re starting from the beginning, you’ll probably benefit more from a few smaller lights than two large ones.


Now Pay attention to luminance, and have in mind they are measured at a certain distance. Some lights have many LEDs, but they are of inferior quality and weak, so they are quite dim.

Color Temperature

Color temperature is essential. There are three options for color temperature with LED lights: daylight, tungsten, and bicolor. You can use them separately or combine them in a single LED light. 


Lastly, the accessories and additional features of the LED light. You must pay attention that your LED video light has; Battery level indicators, barn doors, LCD screen, bicolor channel selection, a dimmer, mount, or ball head.




LED video lights can come in handy in so many different situations. But you got to pick the light set if you want your videos to look professional. And if you check this guide out, you can practically get a pretty good set no matter which video lights you choose. So check these out, compare the features, and pick out the best choice for you!



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