Best LED Light Candelabra Bulbs – Buyer’s Guides & Reviews


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Lights are meant to brighten and warm-up space, and the trendy lights can make your whole place glowy. If you are planning to replace the old worn out bulbs but at the same time, you are looking for something that helps lower down electricity bill, then LED candelabra bulbs are an ideal choice. These LED light bulbs prevent flickering, high power consumption, and overheat issues by delivering exceptional performance.

Light bulbs are all about intensity and without consuming loads of power; these bulbs can illuminate the whole place like a 60-watt bulb. From the maintenance of these bulbs to a replacement, everything will be within your budget. These bulbs are compatible with your existing chandeliers or light frames, so you can choose any of the bulbs without getting into complications. This guide is only not discussing the best-LED candelabra bulbs but delivering a buying guide to our readers. Read on, and you will get the answers.


How to Choose LED Light Candelabra Bulbs?

While investing in any product, it’s essential to consider a few buying factors to get your hands on a suitable product without regretting it a bit. Let’s dive into this valuable buying guide.

1. Shape

Of course, before replacing the current lights, determine what shape you are searching for? Most people like to choose egg-shaped LED bulbs to complement the whole look if you have a vintage chandelier. Other than this shape, you can also choose LED candelabra light bulbs for modern chandeliers in a slightly different look. It all depends on you, what kind of look you are planning to adopt, whether it should be conventional or something on the modern-side for exceptional fusion?

2. Illumination Power

If you are replacing a conventional bulb with an LED Candelabra bulb, then always check the lumen power. A Candelabra bulb can produce about 400 to 600 lumens, depending on your chosen brand’s requirements. A 450 lumen of the LED candelabra bulb can illuminate the place like a 40watt bulb. This calculation may help you in choosing the apt product based on the brightness and power consumption. This will assist you in calculating the energy as well as how bright it can glow.

3. Adjustable Light

Some of the LED Candelabra bulbs have come up with the dimmed feature that gives a dramatic look to your place, especially when it’s compatible with the theme. This feature is a bit tentative so before buying, ensure that the dimmed feature is working smoothly and there is no flickering. By checking different brands, you will find the suitable ones.

4. Light Type

When you are buying LED candelabra bulbs, you can see some of them are clear that are compatible with tinted chandeliers. Some of these bulbs are unlike conventional ones and are shaded. The aesthetics of each bulb will be contrasting, so make sure it’s brightening up the place as you want it to be.


Faqs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Is it true that LED bulbs emit less heat as compared to the traditional ones?

A: Conventional bulbs are not smart when it comes to heat management issues. LED candelabra bulbs do emit heat but far less comparatively. They produce less heat because of low power consumption.

Q: How long can I use candelabra bulbs before replacing them?

A: Almost all the brands offer two years’ warranty of bulbs to build the client’s trust.  The majority of bulbs can last for 50,000 hours before it’s time to replace them.

Q: Is it true that candelabra bulbs are safe for the eye and won’t damage?

A: Candelabra bulbs are free from mercury and other harmful element to eliminate eye fatigue. They are safe from any damage and no need to wear glasses to protect their eyes.

Q: Can I fix a dimmable bulb in a non-dimmable socket?

A: Yes, you can fix a dimmable bulb in a non-dimmable socket, and it will work like other LED bulbs.


Best LED Light Candelabra Bulbs Reviews

#1. Hansang LED Candelabra Bulbs 6 Watt


Are you hunting for the brightest LED candelabra bulbs that can potentially illuminate the whole place like a 60watt conventional bulb? The solution is Hansang LED Candelabra bulbs due to elevated lumen count. While searching for the brightest LED bulb, your search may end here. You will be satisfied with these LED bulbs’ light power from the high-end performance to safety standards.


  • Free from UV or IR radiation to protect against eye fatigue.
  • It has the power of 600 lumens and has a lifespan of about 30,000 hours.
  • Hansang LED bulbs have uniform color and 2700K color temperature.
  • Made on the high safety standards to maintain heat.


#2. LiteHistory Dimmable t6 led Bulb 40W Candelabra LED


If you are a fan of dimmable bulbs, then life history is the best brand you can choose. It can deliver a cozy, comfortable, and relaxing light to your place without straining eyes. It has come up with a soothing dimmable feature that doesn’t flicker at all. It can save power consumption by about 94% and environmentally friendly.


  • Litehistory candelabra LED bulb has a smooth dimming feature without flickering.
  • The light temperature is 2700K warm white with 40w illumination power.
  • The lifespan of these bulbs is about 25000 hours with two years warranty.
  • It’s user-friendly, safe for home, and short-circuits protected.


#3. Gordon & Bond LED Vintage Candelabra Light Bulbs


Gordon and Bond is a highly recommended brand for vintage chandeliers. These are ideal LED bulbs when you are looking for something exceptional for power-saving purposes. From the high lumen count to long-lasting performance, it has everything you were searching for in others. The design of these bulbs is cinematic that will convince you to buy this product.


  • It has a lifespan of about 20,000 hours and gives dimming control to a user.
  • Its weatherproof quality will make it long-lasting and durable in any condition.
  • Gordon and Bond LED vintage candelabra light bulbs to have a power of 400 lumens.
  • For a classic and cozy look, these bulbs have a 2700K warm color.

#4. Albrillo E12 LED Bulb Candelabra Light Bulbs


Planning to buy stylish, protective, and energy-efficient LED bulbs? There is no better choice than Albrillo. These candelabra bulbs from Albrillo prevent flickering and protect your place against electricity mishaps. By installing these LED candelabra lights, you can save money and power consumption simultaneously. Albrillo can be one of the best choices when planning to replace the worn-out bulbs with something exceptional.


  • The lifespan of each bulb is about 15,000 hours, and the color is 2700K warm white.
  • No dimming and straining to your eyes. The application of these bulbs is universal and suitable for any frame.
  • The potential of providing an output of 500lumens is uncommon and will make your place cozy.
  • These bulbs consume only 10% of the power and are CRI80+ light-rated.


#5. LOHAS E12 Candelabra LED Bulb


To save some amount from the power bills, choose Lohas E12 candelabra bulbs. The soft and cozy light illumination out of these LED bulbs will make your place bright and comfortable. The best thing about this product is there will be no overheating issues after using it for hours. The installation process is quick and safe for the home.


  • Lohas E12 candelabra bulbs can produce bright and white light of 550lumens. The dimmable feature is pure and smooth, with no flickering issues.
  • It’s compatible with standard E12 socket size. Free from mercury, UV, or IV to eliminate any pressure from the eyes.
  • It can help you in saving 85% of the electricity bill and quick to install.
  • It can create a view angle of 180 degrees to brighten up the home instantly with natural white light.


#6. CRLight 700LM 6W Dimmable LED Candelabra Bulb


CRLight 700LM 6W Dimmable LED Candelabra Bulb mark all the checkboxes of requirements you need in candelabra bulbs. The compatibility with sockets is safe, and natural light will give a cozy look to your place. This product has all the features proving it’s worth investing money.


  • CR light candelabra bulbs are completely dimmable without interruptions. The lifespan of each bulb is around 30,000 hours.
  • These bulbs are eco-friendly, energy-efficient, and have an impressive output of 700lumens of light.
  • They are super smart in function and eliminate any heat that makes them safe for touching right after use.
  • These LED bulbs’ torpedo design gives antique appeal to your chandeliers and is backed by a warranty of two years.


#7. Bogao E12 LED Candelabra Bulb


Bagao is an ideal brand to install at your place due to minimum power consumption and warm light without making eyes fatigue. These bulbs are made from PC to make durability and reliability promising. The light of Bagao is similar to the natural light and gives a subtle look to the whole look.


  • Bagao E12 LED candelabra bulbs to have 1200lumens to emit a powerful, white, and warm light. They are suitable for illuminating a large area.
  • The light is light and similar to the natural one, so there will be no more tiring experience.
  • The lifespan of each bulb is about 30,000 and has backed by one year warranty. It can help you in saving 85% of the electricity cost.
  • The bulb’s color is 3000K warm white, and it’s IP20 rated, which makes it suitable for indoor use only.


#8. Amico 12 Pack B11 LED Candelabra Bulb


One of the major factors we all look for in candelabra bulbs is durability. There is no way any of us is willing to invest in bulbs after a short time. Amico has come up with durable, reliable, and long-lasting bulbs with the impressive capacity to deliver natural light to a user and a quick installation process.


  • These top-rated candelabra bulbs have smooth dimming feature for adjustability, and the quality of light is 80CRI to give a natural look to your place.
  • It can save 9% of the energy and free from mercury, UV, and IR.
  • These bulbs are backed by five years warranty with a modern design to install in almost any frame. These are powerful enough to illuminate the whole area.
  • The light’s color is 2700K warm, and the design is more on the vintage side to give a classy look to the chandelier.


#9. Yiizon 12W LED Candle Bulbs, Candelabra LED Light Bulbs


Along with the lowest power consumption, Yiizon bulbs are ideal for decorating the place. They give an unusual and classy look to the chandelier or any of the light frames. The light of these bulbs are like halogen bulbs and can make the whole place warm bright.


  • The lifespan of each bulb is 30,000 hours.
  • It makes a 360-degree angle for illumination, and bulbs are eco-friendly to enhance the experience.
  • Yiizon 12W LED candelabra bulbs are suitable for indoor use only. It can save 90% of the electricity cost.
  • The bulb’s color is 3500K, warm and safe from mercury, UV, and IR. The wattage of the bulb is about 12.


#10. Kindeep 6 Pack E12 LED Candelabra Light Bulbs 6W


Kindeep make it possible for a user to meet electricity and money-saving goals with ease. These candelabra bulbs are superior in performance with low power consumption features.


  • Kindeep LED candelabra bulbs to save 90% of the electricity and CRI 80+ from delivering a classy and natural look.
  • The light color is 5000K warm and is based on the Edison style to provide an aesthetic look to the chandelier.
  • The lifespan of each bulb is about 25000 hours and create a beam angle of 360 degrees.
  • Kindeep bulbs are smooth in operation without flickering, manageable heat, and above all, they are shatter resistant.




While buying candelabra bulbs for chandeliers, it’s essential to look out for the best product with all the features under a budget. According to the décor, theme, and lighting requirements, you can choose any colors and serve you for the longest time. Candelabra bulbs are versatile that is not only suitable when it comes to delivering dimmable features but for illuminating the place with natural light.

 For the indoor place, cool light bulbs are recommended, while for the outer space, warm shades are more suitable and give a brighter look. Candelabra LED bulbs are popular due to their high-end performance and safety standards that make your place protected.



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