Top 10 Best LED High Bay Lights in 2020 – Buyer’s Guides & Reviews


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LED high bay lights are a great invention. These lights are usually used in open areas like Gym, Garage, stores, warehouses, offices, and many more.

Moreover, LED high bay lights are cost-effective with a long term life span as well as Eco-friendly. For these reasons, it helps the user save much money and get more lumens.

In that case, you must be thinking about which LED high bay lights you should buy. Therefore we have brought together Top 10 high bay lights you can buy in 2020. Not only this, but we have also included a buying guide. So, you can select the best LED high bay light according to your requirements.


Best LED High Bay Lights in 2020


#10. 32,400 Lumen -240Watt Corvus Series LED High Bay UFO Light


Corvus Series LED High Bay UFO Light saves more because it uses a lower watt unit. This UFO light is made of premium grade components, which makes it an industrial or warehouse light.


  • It has a lifetime of 100,000
  • It can produce 145 lumens per watt
  • Corvus Series comes with a 3.3-foot whip or power cord.
  • It has a new compact design, which makes it more long-lasting and more efficient without sacrificing performance.
  • It’s straightforward to install with a preinstalled hook. You can replace the existing light and install Corvus Series LED High Bay UFO Light.


#9. TREONYIA UFO LED High Bay Light Lamp


The TREONYIA 200W UFO LED high bay light is a perfect substitute for CFL, HID, or 800W metal halide. The TREONYIA LED high bay light is very cost-effective.

This LED will help you save money, and it will give you more visibility. Eventually, it will help you work safely and increase efficiency. It’s well built, and its luminosity and coverage area will surprise you.


  • It’s Controllable and Dimmable. It Supports a 1-10V dimmer or controls.
  • It has a die-casting aluminum housing with high thermal conductivity.
  • The high-tech hollow heat sink ensures excellent heat dissipation to secure and extend the LED and use time.
  • It’s perfect for moist, humid, rainy, and wet places because it’s waterproof.
  • It can be used for approximately 50,000 hours, 17 years if you use 8 hours a day.
  • Because of its long lifespan, there is no replacement cost as well as maintenance.


#8. GALUX Dimmable Microwave Motion Sensor & Daylight Sensor Lighting Lamp


Our next entry is GALUX Dimmable Warehouse or Garage Lighting Lamp with Microwave Motion Sensor & Daylight Sensor.

If you want a light that can adjust automatically, then GALUX is the answer if a motion is detected in insufficient light. Then GULAX LED high bay light will automatically be turned on. And if there is no motion, it will automatically turn off. GULAX LED will save a lot of money and energy.


  • It has a Built-in daylight sensor and microwave motion sensor.
  • It is saving 80% than the traditional lamp because of the sensor and motion detector.
  • It can Cool down faster, and This protects the LED chip and driver.
  • GULAX LED high bay light has a lifespan of more than 60,000 hours,16 years for 10 hours/day.
  • GULAX LED comes with a safety rope, which provides double safety.


#7. Lightdot 2 Pack LED High Bay Light


Another LED high bay light in the budget segment is this one Lightdot 2 Pack. 200W LED bay light use 280pcs SMD3030 with complete 24000lm super high brightness and can replace 800W conventional lamp. And it saves energy up to 80 percent.


  • The unique power box design is adopted in Backside, operating at AC110V, no flicker, no darkness.
  • It’s perfect for warehouse workshop, logistics center, or exhibition hall because of an integrated lens with 90°bean angel design and IP65 structure design.
  • It has a lifespan of over 50,000 hours.
  • Lightdot 2 Pack 200W LED High Bay Light environmentally-friendly, safe, and easy to install.


#6. VCMAG 200watt UFO LED High Bay Light


Now, VCMAG LED 200watt high bay light can provide you with up to 26,000 lumens that can replace old lamp fixtures of 4pcs 200W HID / HPS.

You can save on electric bills. Light delay < 5 percent, CRI>80 percent provides objects with a more realistic color.


  • VCMAG LED high bay light can provide you up to 26,000lux.
  • Heat dissipation Built with heat sink die-casting aluminum housing and clear cover.
  • It has a lifespan of 50,000hrs.
  • It also comes with a 5FT long power cord, which keeps you away from wiring and power cord length insufficient issue.


#5. JOMITOP LED High Bay Light


Here is another excellent high bay LED light. JOMITOP LED High Bay Light is designed for ease of installation and versatility. It can virtually mount to any overhead areas.

You can easily install it. And save up to 80% than any other traditional lights.


  • JOMITOP LED High Bay LED Light is dimmable at 1-10V.
  • It’s very easy to install.
  • It has a high-quality aluminum design with waterproofing.
  • You will also get a five years warranty.


#4. AntLux UFO LED High Bay Light


For illuminating large commercial and industrial areas, ANTLUX ‘s high bay led lighting offers high efficiency, long life cycle, and energy savings. It is a great replacement or upgrades option.

Upgrading to LEDs will save your electricity bill and increase visibility and worker safety while improving performance.


  • It has a Smart, Thin, Stylish design for large commercial spaces.
  • It very durable because of its aluminum structure that allows for high conductivity.
  • AntLux UFO LED High Bay Light has a Contractor-friendly design and Easy installation.
  • It provides wide-angle brightness control and an Excellent thermal solution for industrial space use.
  • It has a lifespan of 50,000hrs.


#3. Q QINGCHEN 100W UFO LED High Bay Light


This UFO LED High Bay light is perfect for your Garage and Warehouse, backyard, or open space like train stations. It provides a considerable cost and energy saving with minimal or no maintenance.


  • Easy to install with preinstalled hook
  • No dimmable and comes with a US plug power cord (5ft cable length)
  • Ideal for open spaces.
  • Capable of operating with 110V-277V / AC.


#2. Hykolity LED High Bay Light


This one is Made of an industrial-grade, heavy-duty, durable die-casting aluminum housing with excellent heat dissipation.

If you are looking for a durable LED high bay light, you can go for this one.


  • It provides 21000 lumens comparable to 250W/400W MH / HPS
  • You can adjust the brightness and save energy with a standard 1-10V dimmer.
  • It has a lifespan of 50,000-hour, seven years with 8 hours/day.
  • It comes with a 2′ extension cord with a US 3-prong plug.
  • It also offers a five years warranty.


#1. GRANDLUMEN 150W UFO LED High Bay Light


Finally, last but not least, this is one of the most durable LED lights. It has great heat dissipation to ensure a long life.


  • suitable for wet or damp or locations.
  • It saves energy up to 75% compared to traditional high bay lights.
  • It also comes with a safety rope.
  • And to keep it cool, High-quality aluminum cold forging heat sink is used.


LED High Bay Lights Buying Guides


Firstly It is essential to determine why you need to choose LED lights. There can be numerous reasons before you buy LED lights. Some of them are shown below:


The price of LED high bay lights is not high compared to traditional bulbs. You can get LED lights at the same price as a traditional bulb, but it will save a lot more money and energy.


Before Buying any LED high bay lights, you should know about the light’s lifespan. You don’t have to replace it quickly and also check if there is any high maintenance cost.

Motion detectors and Sensors

The world is already suffering from an energy crisis. This technology can save a vast amount of energy and your money at the same time. LED high bay lights are not expensive, but its price might increase with motion detectors and sensors. But it will benefit you shortly.


Last but not least, you can always aim for lumens and not for watts. No matter how many watts you pick, you’re not going to get better light if there aren’t enough lumens.




High bay lights have been setting records when it comes to the number of sales. You can’t help but think how great these work with the other electronic accessories in the home. With so many quirks and features that they offer, you can’t go wrong with any one of them. So you can pick any one of them as per your requirements and need. You won’t be disappointed with any of them.



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