Top 10 Best LED Grow Lights in 2020 – Buyer’s Guides & Reviews


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The indoor plantation has become quite common for us city dwellers. No matter how much we want to continue our hobbies, the lack of space to put up a garden makes things quite challenging. Even after all the obstacles, some people find a way to nurture their cute little greens.

But lighting is something people can’t toil with. You can’t live in an apartment that’s faced away from the sun and expect your plants to grow up fast. And that’s probably why you’re here in the first place. You can solve your troubles by using grow lights. These lights provide a stable lighting environment for your plants.

The lights try to replicate the sunlight with different adjustments. Although you can’t compare them with the sunlight, they can do some magical work. So which set do you decide to get? It’s not that simple to choose. So you better go through our review and check them out.


Best LED Grow Lights in 2020


#10. Parfactworks RA2000W Full Spectrum


The first one on our list is this LED grow light from PartfactWorks. They aren’t a famous brand, but they’ve made a couple of amazing grow lights. This one, in particular, is one of their bestsellers, and for good reasons.

You get three different wattages to choose from, and the Full Spectrum is an added benefit for the price. It’s perfect for 4×4 vegetable coverage.


  • Comes in three different wattages
  • 380-780nm full spectrum LEDs
  • Consumes 230W so that you can use them for 4×4 vegetative plants
  • Can be used for 3×3 flowering coverage


#9. WIND Pro Version LED Grow Lights


Next up is this LED grow light set from WIND. Their Pro Version LED lights to have what it takes to enhance your indoor gardening experience. The Samsung LED’s are a class above the others, so you know they mean business.

You can get close to the full Spectrum so that you can expect different wavelengths similar to sun rays. The high powered LEDs try their best to replicate the rays.


  • Uses Samsung LEDs for best performance
  • Completely dimmable with fantastic adjustable controls
  • Reasonable Spectrum (380-780nm)
  • Equal wavelength distribution
  • 336 dimmable LEDs for maximum efficiency


#8. Sonlipo Newest LED Grow Lights


The next product on our list is the Sonlipo LED Grow Light set. The best about this one is the inclusion of adjustable switches at this price point. You can get full Spectrum on this one too.

The minimal design takes up just a little space above your plants. And with the power saving enabled, you don’t have to worry about the unappealing bills.


  • Separate switches for vegetables and flowers
  • Complete Spectrum with 380-780nm
  • High 120Lumen LEDs with powerful photosynthesis fields
  • The thin design doesn’t take up much room
  • 80% of electricity power saving enabled.


#7. Denfamy 1000W LED Grow Lights


This one looks like it came straight out of Star Wars. Denfany has a fun way to design their products. And this one is truly an excellent example of their unique design. You can count on R2D2 here to keep your greens smiling and fresh.

The entire mechanism has green accents, which make this look even more robotic. Apart from the great looks, this grows light can give you multiple functions too. The mentionable ones are the veg n’ bloom, the dual-chip LEDs, and power-saving modes.


  • Adjustable lighting modes with Veg N’ Bloom
  • Full-spectrum lighting with 380-780nm wavelengths
  • Dual chip LEDs are brighter than regular ones
  • The entire mechanism consumes 1000W of power
  • Each LED has its cooling fan, so you won’t get to feel the heat


#6. Hytekgro LED Grow Light 45W


Check out this light panel from Hytekgro. The brand emphasizes different indoor cultivating gadgets. And this one is one of their bestsellers. You can get a two-pack for relatively cheap, and the light performs significantly better than most budgets LED grow lights.

Hytekgro makes excellent equipment, and you can start to find that out after using this one a couple of times. You don’t have to worry about the light breaking down after a couple of months.


  • Full Spectrum to create a natural light
  • Easy to set things up
  • ABS plastic used for the mold
  • The high-efficiency lights help the plants to grow faster


#5. Sunraise 1000W LED Grow Lights


Sunraise came up with a brilliant design while making this LED grow light. They implemented an optical lens technology to multiply the lights of the LEDs effectively. This means you can get higher-powered LEDs while using a lower number of diodes.

They achieved quite a lot of positive responses with this design, and rightfully so. Their triple chip LEDs, along with the lens technology, make this a product worth buying. You can even connect as many of these devices together like a daisy chain. So if you have a separate garage for your plants, you can use multiple of these lights.


  • Optical lens technology increases efficiency
  • Veg N’ Bloom activated for adjustable modes
  • Triple Chip LEDs for higher brightness with lower power
  • You can Daisy Chain two sets


#4. BestVA LED Grow Lights


This one looks just like the Sunraise one. The two systems are built similarly, too. But this doesn’t have the optical lens technology. The LEDs are dual chip versions, and they can provide quite a significant brightness. The device has an efficient cooling system that keeps all the diodes cool and keeps a natural airflow.

You can easily switch from veggies to flowers with the press of a button. And if you’re planning to set things up in 4×4 coverage, then this one is perfect.


  • Dual chip LEDs for higher brightness efficiency
  • Potent cooling system for keeping the temperature down
  • Veg N’ Bloom activated for adjustable modes
  • Perfect for 4×4 growing area coverage


#3. Giixer 1000W Led Grow Light


Giixer’s 1000W LED grow lights are a class above the others. The 10W LEDs make the entire device pretty powerful. But don’t worry about it consuming too much power. The energy-saving modes work perfectly too.


  • 10w LEDs with dual chips for higher brightness and efficiency
  • Energy-saving mechanisms with double switching technology
  • Protecting diodes are included for a longer-lasting experience
  • Full Spectrum available



#2. KingPlus 1200W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum


You can get the KingPlus 1200W LED grow light in multiple wattages. The easy adjustability and high power efficiency make this LED light a top buy.

The LEDs can heat up to a pretty high temperature. But don’t fret; the cooling system will have you covered. It can keep things at average temperature even while operating at high power mode.


  • Available in different wattages
  • Veg N’ Bloom Switches for adjustability
  • Blue and White LEDs for more straightforward navigation
  • Consumes 243W of energy at low power
  • The cooling system keeps the spot cool while running


#1. Phlizon Newest 600W LED Plant Grow Lights


The number 1 product on our list is the Phlizon 600W LED Grow Light. You might be surprised as the wattage is significantly low. But don’t underestimate this LED Grow Light. You can opt for the higher wattages, but this one will be perfect for indoor use.

You’ll also get the full Spectrum and easy mode switching options with this one. The lack of reflector helps keep things cool.


  • Available in three different wattages
  • No spotlight reflector used, so it’s relatively safe
  • Double switching technology for easy switching between veggies and flowers
  • Full Spectrum of 380-780nm available


LED Grow Lights Buying Guides


Adjustable Modes

The first thing to look for when buying LED grow lights is adjustability. Make sure to pick a light that has different modes. Also, try and look for one that has dimmable brightness. Mode changing is a bonus feature but don’t skip out on it if you can get it cheap.

Power Output

LED grows lights aren’t like any other electric gadgets. They consume a lot of power. So picking a higher-powered one may cause problems in your home. But if your family can handle the additional 2000W of power, then be my guest.

Full Spectrum Wavelengths

Try picking an LED to grow light that has a Full Spectrum. It might not sound like much of a difference, but this is quite important for your plants. Natural light is pretty produced accurately. So getting a light without a full Spectrum might cause issues. If light can provide you with yellow, white, blue, red, UV, and IR rays, then you’re good to go!




Growing plants indoors is a challenge itself. Some people skip out on the whole experience when they see so many different requirements. But if you genuinely want to keep up the excellent work, a little investment in LED grow lights will do your cute small plants a world of good! Check out all of our picks, and make sure to compare the quirks and features. Pick out the one that will suit your needs perfectly. None of these LED grow lights will let you down!



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