Best Emergency Light for Home Use – Buyer’s Guides & Reviews


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Our circumstances are very unpredictable and the same is the case with electricity. Especially, during natural disasters, its use becomes inevitable as no one can predict that when the light will come back. Thus, it’s wise to invest in the best emergency light for home use.

Earlier, CFL-based emergency lights were used but now these are LED-based hence more reliable. Furthermore, these are available in different designs and with upgradeable features.

Looking for the best emergency light? Welcome, below I have listed the top ten best emergency light with a comprehensive buying guide to make your search easy. So, keep on browsing!


Best Emergency Light for Home Use Buying Guide

When you are looking for the best emergency light then you can’t choose any product randomly. It is because there are some vital features which are important to consider but not all of the lantern has that. So, firstly you should have an idea that what are those features and how those affect the final quality of the lights. So, let’s proceed further to get into the details of these factors!

How to choose an ideal emergency light?

Nowadays emergency lights are available in different types and every type has its merit and demerits. However, before making the final decision you need to look at the material, size, brightness, and battery life of the light.

To give you an idea, the best emergency light is that which is made up of high-quality, material and safe against cracking. Besides, there battery timing should be good so you can use these in emergencies without any trouble.


The first and very essential factor is the material of the light with which it is crafted. Needless to say, that those lights which are made up of good quality material have better performance and vice versa. Ideally, you should look for one which is made up of military-grade material so you can use it for a long time.

Commonly, aluminum or high-quality rubber and plastic is used in their construction. These will be resistant to weather, water and shock hence, could be used for outdoor activities. Like camping or any other emergency where you need to have an efficient device for clear vision.


Other than that, the size of the emergency light also matters and affects its performance. For instance, small-sized light could be easily kept in a pocket or emergency kit. So these will be handy and you will be able to carry these from one place to another without any trouble.

Also, the thickness or weight of the lantern matters in this regard. Search for the one which has a compact design but light in weight. However, keep in mind that you can’t compromise on the brightness of light while paying attention to these factors. To make it convenient for you, I have introduced some best quality lights below so have a look at them.

Battery Life

Now comes another important factor and that is the battery life of the flashlight. Imagine you are in between the jungle for your trip and your light turned off, sounds frustrating? Ok, but this happens when you don’t pay attention to the battery timing of the light you are going to purchase.

Adding to this, flashlights have different types of batteries and so different battery timing. They can maximum last for four to 5 hours in the absence of light and that’s not bad. Therefore, never neglect this factor and purchase the one which has an efficient battery.

Locking Handle

This is the most neglected feature but is very important as it helps a lot in emergencies. Like if your flashlight has a handle, you can easily hang it anywhere hence, can do your work freely. Also, it becomes very useful when you are going on long camping trips or working in your backyard in darkness.


Other than that, the brightness level of flashlights also varies and worth giving a thought. It is entirely up to you that how much brightness you need in your emergency light. The ideal situation will be to look for the one which has lumen output because it is more reliable.


To have a worry-free purchase, you should purchase that flashlight which also comes with a warranty. So that if your light has any issue during this time then you can claim for it. Commonly, flashlights come with a one-year warranty or 6-month warranty.

Other Features

There are some other features too which matters like the light output settings, light source, and auto start/switch feature. For instance, the latest lanterns come with an automatic on/off system. So, in the case of a blackout, these will quickly brighten up your home without any effort.

 For this purpose, these have LDR sensors so you can rely on them. Therefore, it will be wise to purchase a flashlight with an automatic turn on/off the system. Also, some are multi-functional like those that could be used as a night light, a tabletop light as well as an emergency light.



Q: What is the function of an emergency light?

It is a prompt and automatic light which you can in emergencies like in case of power failure.

Q: Can I use an emergency light as a normal light?

Yes, switchable emergency lights are available which can also be used as a normal light.

Q: Which emergency light is best?

GearLight LED tactical flashlight and tough light LED rechargeable lantern is best among all.


Best Emergency Light for Home Use Reviews

#1. GearLight LED Tactical Flashlight


On the top of the list is a most powerful light with compelling features, known as the GearLight Tactical LED flashlight. It is made with military-grade aluminum that makes it perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Besides having sturdy construction, it has a compact design hence resistant to shock, water, and weather. Even if you drop it from ten-foot height, it will survive because of its indestructible structure. Hence, I can say without any doubt that it is the best power failure night light.


  • Compact and adjustable focus
  • Five useful settings
  • Ultra-bright and long-lasting


#2. Vont 4 Pack Light Camping Lantern


Want to have an energy-efficient emergency at an affordable price? Then you can’t go wrong with the Vont 4 pack light camping lantern. Adding to this, it is super bright along with having good coverage hence a perfect option to consider. It is made with aircraft-grade material which not only waterproof but also resistant to cracking and breakage. Besides, it has lightweight and small in size so you can conveniently keep it in your emergency kit or pocket.


  • Bright & long-lasting
  • Waterproof
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Powered with 30 crazy bright led


#3. Streamlight Dual Fuel Professional Tactical Light


The Streamlight dual fuel professional tactical is a multi-featured light that is powered with AA batteries. Along with having a cool design, this light is very precise which will brighten up your area perfectly. This plug-in emergency light for the home is a great option for those who are searching for an ultra-bright white LED light. Other than that, it has good lumen output and runs time so what else you could ask for?


  • Compact design
  • Ultra-bright white LED
  • Efficient and powerful battery


#4. AYL Starlight Camping Lantern


Next on the list is the AYL starlight camping lantern and as its name depicts, it is also great for outdoor use. The most impressive feature of this lantern is that you can use it for straight 6 days without any trouble. Besides, it has three lighting modes including flashing strobe, high and low which you can adjust according to your needs. It has a removable convex reflector cap which you can remove if you want to have extra bright and fully focused light.


  • Lightweight shockproof design
  • Three lighting modes
  • 6 full days of power


#5. Amerelle Emergency Lights


Another great product on the list is called Amerelle emergency lights which are a must to have the device. The feature which I like the most about these is that they are automatic. So, in the absence of electricity these automatically enlighten up your home and you don’t need to get up for turning on these lights. If you charge these fully once, then they can last for up to 7 hours. Hence, these are the best power failure emergency lights, and an excellent purchase.


  • Rechargeable & long-lasting battery
  • LED Power failure light
  • 24-hours guide light


#6. American Red Cross Blackout Emergency Flashlight


During a blackout, the only thing you need is a reliable and long-lasting flashlight. This is what the American red cross blackout light provides you as it contains everything which you need in an emergency lantern. It is equipped with an ambient light sensor that will automatically lighten up in the absence of light. Its battery is powerful and it can for straight four hours after full charging. Besides, when it’s not in use it turned into a night light hence, becomes an energy-efficient device.


  • Multi-Function LED
  • Automatic emergency flashlight
  • Rechargeable battery


#7. Emergency Rechargeable Light Bulb


The Emergency rechargeable light bulb is a must to have emergency light for power outages. These come with E27/E26 LED bulbs so you can not only use them as a celling light but can also attach them with the lamps. Besides, these are extremely easy to use and install as all you need to do is screw them in the lamp. These work like other bulbs but they also complete their charging when in use. So, in the absence of electricity, these remain bright for 4 to 5 hours.


  • Easy to use
  • Energy-efficient light bulbs
  • 4-5hours battery timing


#8. ThorFire Solar Flashlight


Talking about the ThorFire solar flashlight, these are very efficient in converting solar energy into light. To your surprise, the one-minute cranking of it will result in the power of an hour that is pretty impressive. This is powered with a high-quality LED bulb that provides you provides you bright flashlight and portable also. Other than that, these are an ideal option for power outages and emergencies. Also, the company offers you a one-year after-sales service so order it now without any worry.


  • Bright flashlight
  • High-efficiency energy conversion
  • Comes with a one-year after-sale service


#9. Tough Light LED Rechargeable Lantern


The tough light LED rechargeable lantern is an ideal emergency light for home power failure with astonishing features. It has sturdy construction as it is made up of military-grade rubber and plastic molds. Therefore, it is resistant against water and harsh weather hence, reliable for long-term use. On the bright side, you can charge your mobile and cameras on it without any difficulty. It is super bright with 400 lumens and one premium 6000mAh battery so highly recommended.


  • 400 super bright lumens
  • Water and drop resistant
  • 2-year warranty


#10. Energizer 4-in-1 LED Power Light


Want to have a more versatile and extremely durable flashlight? Then here is a perfect pick for you that is the Energizer 4-in-1 LED power light. It is a multi-functional flashlight that can either be used as a night light or as a power failure light. Besides, you can use it as an emergency light in case of blackout as well as a tabletop light. Because of its versatile features, it is ideal for use in bathrooms, bedrooms, and hallways. Also, it is light-sensing so it is automatically turned on in the morning and turn off at night.


  • Four uses
  • Light sensing
  • No batteries needed
  • Powered with LED technology




I hope this article will help you in finding the best emergency light for home use. And if so then don’t forget to tell me which light you liked the most among all of these?

Although all of these lights are great my recommendation is GearLight LED tactical flashlight as it has a sturdy construction, extremely durable, and comes with five varying settings.

Also, share this article, and don’t forget to give your valuable feedback.



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