Best Edison Light with Wi-Fi – Buyer’s Guides & Reviews


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Edison light bulbs are a great fix if you want to get all those feels from the 1900s in your own home. These bulbs are a perfect impression of the original Edison bulb – only much better!

Since these are based on an old design, one might expect them to be traditional. But you are mistaken as these can be controlled through Wi-Fi.

Here is a list of the top products that will aid you in determining the best Edison light with Wi-Fi. Navigate through the list until you land on the perfect light!


Best Edison Light with Wi-Fi Reviews

#1. Feit Electric ST1960


1.Feit Electric ST1960

FEIT is an easy solution to all your budget problems as they have the most budget-friendly lighting fixtures available. Let’s check out if their Edison light lives up to the rumors of credibility on a low budget.

 Wi-Fi technology

With the help of these bulbs, you will be able to upgrade to Wi-Fi intelli bulbs compatible with a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network. These will now be accessible and controllable just with a simple click on your smartphone with the Feit electric app.

Smart features

These bulbs work with Alexa or Google Assistant using voice commands, making the whole operation 10 times easier. The classic vintage filament design ST19 LED bulb produces 450 lumens creating a strong glow.

Beautiful glow

The light has a color temperature of 2100K which enables it to have an amber yellow tint which is perfect for creating a warm and aesthetic vibe.

100% warranty

The product is UL and CUL as well as an FCC complaint which guarantees the standard and durability of the product.


  • Has voice control
  • Enables device sharing


  • Difficult to sync


#2. Geeni LUX Edison ST21


2.Geeni LUX Edison ST21


Geeni is a well-known brand and has the latest technology along with a good customer fan base. They have everything from Geeni cameras to light bulbs. Let’s check if this updated company can keep up with the retro Edison light bulbs.

Wi-Fi controls

The Geeni LUX Dimmable Edison Smart Bulb is indeed different than the rest as it enables you to customize dimming and temperature settings yourself. It won’t be difficult now to find the perfect tone, whether it’s warm soft whites or refreshing bright cool whites to suit your ambiance.

Voice control

The bulbs can be operated through a smartphone app however these bulbs are also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. This means that they can be controlled by voice, increasing efficiency to the maximum.

Energy efficiency

The bulb comes with a long-lasting, energy-efficient lighting solution. The ever so bright bulb consisting of 800 lumens shines bright at only 8-Watts.


  • Has a group control feature
  • Is easily dimmable
  • Doesn’t require a hub


  • Brightness jumps when adjusting


#3. Bulbrite Solana ST18


3.Bulbrite Solana ST18


If you’re looking for trustworthy brands, Bulbrite is just the pick for you. It has been in the industry for over 50 years now and the service has not once leveled down by even a notch. If there’s one place where there’d be unremarkably excellent Edison bulbs, it is indeed Bulbrite!

Easy use

Installing bulbs is indeed a hassle when you’re lazy like me but that’s not the case with the Bulbrite Solana Smart LED bulb that is so simple to install. Since they are Wi-Fi operated, no need for additional wiring as well!

Customizable features

My favorite part will indeed be the customizable scheduling and settings which can all be done just through a simple app! You get access to features like tunable brightness, color, and light temperate, which gives you total control.

Smart Voice control

How awesome is it that these lights allow you to flick them off by using just your voice! No need for even smartphones as these lights are compatible with Amazon Alexa as well as Google assistant.


  • Trusted brand with warranty
  • Prolonged durability
  • Easy to install


  • Hard to connect


#4. Helloify Edison ST19



Helloify is known for its excellent products and extraordinary customer care. The features are indeed exceptional and the pricing points are reasonable as well. If you plan on investing in the Helloify Edison bulbs, surely read the review below!

Easy access

With the help of the Tuya app, you can control the smart bulb individually as well as create different groups. This enables all your family to use the bulbs together and what’s surprising is that you can set up multiple schedules to turn on/off according to the present time.

Tunable settings

The tunable white light along with the dimmable setting gives a warm white and cool daylight white which creates a variety of colors.

Efficient usage

When it comes to energy efficiency, this Edison bulb will save up to 85% energy consumption compared with ordinary bulbs. Like the previous bulb, this one too consumes just 8watts although it emits 720 lumens of light on a low voltage.


  • Saves energy
  • Easily connect with devices


  • Emit high frequency


#5. Geeni LUX Amber ST19


5.Geeni LUX Amber ST19


Another one of the Geeni creations, Geeni takes pride in the beauty of their products as well as the functionality. This can be reflected well through the LUX Amber ST19. Read below to find out more about this sensational Geeni product.

Easy access with Wi-Fi

You can easily control your lights from across the room or even the globe with just your voice or the Geeni generated app that works on both iOS and Android. The Wi-Fi built-in system has never been more efficient.

No hub needed

These Geeni Wi-Fi light bulbs, like all other bulbs, require no hub or smart plugs to set up or use. You just have to download the app, connect with the bulb, and oh, don’t forget to twist those bulbs in as well!

Low compatibility

It is saddening that the compatibility of almost all bulbs is limited. Similarly, the Geeni Lux Edison AMBER ST19 Light Bulb is only compatible with 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi networks.


  • Easy to reset
  • Great power


  • The lowest brightness is high as well


#6. DORESshop Wi-Fi Smart ST64


6.DORESshop Wi-Fi Smart ST64


DORESshop is a small brand that just absolutely needed to be on my list today. It might not have much fame yet however the credibility is still great and the reviews are amazing. Their Edison bulb indeed beats almost all the other bulbs which are nothing short of a mighty surprise!

Time setting

You can use this smart light bulb to set a schedule based on your likes and needs – preferably your sleeping schedule. If you ever forget to turn off the lights and head out, you will be easily able to switch them off using the Tuya app.

Wide usage

You can use these bulbs about anywhere and bring that retro feeling to your home. The brightness is dimmable to your taste so you can set it for a full-on party as well as a dim light dinner.

Additional requirements

The bulb requires a secured 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network connection and Android 4.4 above or iOS 9.0 or above to function. If you have that, you are good to go!


  • Has smart app remote control
  • Enables group sharing


  • Bulbs might appear crooked


#7. Smartoto A19 Smart bulb


7.Smartoto A19 Smart bulb


Another not that well-recognized brand is Smartoto that is going to be a part of this list today. The A19 smart bulb is a pretty decent deal considering its durability and price range.

Adjustable brightness

The bulb has a 2700K soft white light, and a dimmable adjustment brightness that enables you to adjust the brightness the way you need. This smart LED Edison light bulb with its durable glass cover and filament will give you a pleasurable and lovely setting in warm white lighting. It also is a cost-saving method of electricity that saves up to 90% of energy.

Timed lighting

You can schedule your light bulbs i.e. when to turn on/off automatically with the help of just a program like the rest of the bulbs. However, you can time your lights to turn off with this one. Simply get your smart lights to auto switch on or off at a preset time, make a regular lighting routine that will help promote energy saving.

Long warranty

The product has a warranty of 2 years which enables you to have a sense of relief knowing that you will be able to return it if anything goes wrong. Also, the company guarantees to return even if you get a fragile or broken bulb or any other such problem.


  • Brightness can be easily changed
  • User-friendly installation


  • Difficult to connect


#8. Smartoto E26 ST21 ST6


8.Smartoto E26 ST21 ST6


Last but not the least, yet another one of the Smartoto creations. Smartoto is generally only known for bulbs and nothing else. The last one was pretty impressive so let’s check out if this one is equally good or even better!

App-controlled access

The bulb has a built-in Wi-Fi module, with smart access to Wi-Fi, and of course, no Hub required. This allows you to control the bulb remotely from wherever you are. The bulb allows you to manage the bulbs both individually and as a group. Simply connect to the Wi-Fi, install the app, and tap away! Also, you can control your lights even if you are in another country!

Voice control

How amazing is this feature that allows you to turn off the lights from the comfort of your bed? Simply ask Alexa and Google to turn off the lights and Viola! It will be done in a jiffy! This is especially handy if you have kids which means there will be less running around hence less hassle. This also saves the need of having switches that might pose a risk of kids getting shocks.

Customizable features

The design is as pretty as can be, considering it’s a light bulb. Now, what if I told you that along with all these, you even get customizable features? Well, you do get them which enables you to set the brightness as you like, turn it up or down.

The bulb is made of strong glass hence it will not burst or damage no matter how heated up it gets which is a plus point. The bulb uses 8 Watts which again adds to the list of reasons why this bulb is indeed perfect.


  • Easy to set up
  • Looks vibrant and pretty


  • A bit pricey


Best Edison Light with Wi-Fi Buying Guide

There are a lot of things that you need to consider when buying something as simple as a bulb. Some things might not even cross your mind but are important which is why this buying guide is quite essential. Read below to know everything you need about buying a bulb.

The size

Bulbs come in all kinds of sizes and you need to be sure of which one you need since getting a bulb too big or too small affects the brightness. If you need one for a small area like your bathroom, get a smaller one and if you need one for a large area like your lounge, go for a bigger one.

The brightness

The ideal brightness for a bulb is 800 watts and anything less is simply not perfect. It would be a plus point, a definite one when it comes to Wi-Fi-operated bulbs, that it has dimmable brightness.

The holder

There are different kinds of bulb screws including the E47 and E14 that are meant for different holders. Firstly, confirm the kind of screw or holder you need and then go ahead with your purchase.

The price

Spending too much on a bulb isn’t a wise choice and even if you do, always go for ones that have a long warranty so the money can be refunded or ensured.




So, here was my list of the top bulbs to help you find the best Edison light with Wi-Fi that will make your life a whole lot easier. My favorite amongst these was the Bulbrite Solana ST18 because of its customizable features.

Be sure to check it out and let me know in the comments below.



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