Best Christmas Tree Lights – Buyer’s Guides & Reviews


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Nothing feels cheerful than decorating your home sweet home with the bright Christmas tree lights on Christmas or the other festivities. Nowadays, the use of Christmas tree lights is not specific to Christmas. They have become versatile and widely popular among people. You can use these string lights to decorate your room, banisters, and other places as well.

The cute little lights come in different varieties, colors, shapes, and sizes. You can buy white as well as multicolored lights. Moreover, the strands are available in different lengths so you have plenty of options to choose between the numbers of different types.

For those who want to buy the reasonable Christmas tree lights strands, we have reviewed the best Christmas tree lights available on Amazon. Moreover, you can also refer to our quick buyer’s guide to learn about different types as well as considerations you should ponder over while buying the best Christmas tree lights.


A Quick Buyer’s Guide to buying the best Christmas Tree Lights

Buying the best Christmas tree lights is a challenging task because they are available in a wide variety and different types that might confuse you. So, here we are to help.


How to Choose the Best Christmas tree Lights

There are several questions you should ask yourself before going to the market. Think whether you need an LED or incandescent lights, the bulb or another shape or style, the number of strands needed, colors of the lights, or other considerations like energy efficiency, etc.

1. Incandescent Lights versus LED lights

The Incandescent lights differ from LEDs in several aspects. They are cheaper than the LEDs and have a warm lighting effect while the LEDs save you a lot of energy and have a greater life span as compared to the incandescent bulbs. These lights come in several varieties but they burn at a low temperature so you should be careful while buying these LEDs if you live in a colder region.  

2. Choosing the right type of Christmas Lights

There are many types of Christmas lights so you will get a range of options in the marketplace. Go through the brief introduction of these types to get a clear idea.

2.1 Mini String Lights

The mini string lights are available in several sizes, colors, and shapes. They are widely popular due to their low wattage and ease of use so most people prefer these lights for home decor over other types. 

2.2 Wide-Angle LED Mini Lights

These lights are very small and come in conical shapes. You do not find them visible when they are not lit.

2.3 Large-Bulb Lights

These large bulb light look like the conventional bulbs and has the same retro visual effect.

2.4 Battery-Operated Lights

If you have no power source nearby the place you want to hang the LED lights then battery-operated LED lights are the best buy. These lights are a safe option where hanging the cords can be hazardous.

2.5 Animated and Color-Changing Lights

They may prove to be a good addition to your festivities. These lights change colors and look beautiful in the dark.

2.6 Icicle Lights

These lights look like snow on the Christmas tree.

2.7 LED Rope Lights

The LED rope lights are the very small lights stuck on the rope or string giving a look of the rope. People decorate the sideways, doors, and walkaways with these lights.

3. Choosing the Right Color

Choosing the right color can always add beauty to your place. Christmas lights come in white color as well as multiple colors. You can always combine white warm lights with multiple vibrant colors to give your place a festive look. Moreover, you can also create unique designs from them. You can also cover specific areas with specific color schemes. Note that the light colors make your place look bigger and brighter.

4. Choosing an energy-efficient option

Choosing an energy-efficient light bulb is a wise idea especially if you want to decorate a large area. That is why people prefer LED lights over incandescent bulbs. Moreover, you can also use automatic timers to turn the lights on or off automatically at a certain time.


How to hang lights on your Christmas tree?

It solely depends upon your choice and preferences. However, the strands having more space between the bulbs are suitable for the slander trees and branches while those with little or no spacing are appropriate for roofs, doors and sideways, etc. Moreover, your decision of how to decorate the Christmas tree also depends upon whether you are decorating an indoor tree or the outdoor one.

For an outdoor tree, you must buy a strand having at least 200 small Christmas tree lights per foot if you want to decorate it with heavy lighting. However, if you choose to have a medium lighting effect then 100 small lights would be enough.   Also, note that the thin and slander trees do not need a lot of lights while the thick and dense trees will need more lights to look bright. For dense trees like Pines and Spruces, you can buy the strings with bigger bulbs.

Wrapping the branches is another challenge. Make sure you buy the strands having a reasonable spacing between the bulbs so that you may be able to wrap the string around the branches. Also, note that if you are decorating an indoor tree then you may not need more lights.

Always buy appropriate clips and hangers for decorating the lights so that you may be able to hang lights on the mirrors, walls, banisters and sideways, etc. There are different clips available for outdoor decoration.


How to maintain Christmas tree lights?

It is important to use the Christmas lights safely and store them appropriately so that the lights may not get malfunctioned. Make sure that you do not string too many lights together. Moreover, buy the lights for the appropriate use which means that outdoor lights must be used for decorating the outdoor Christmas trees while the indoor lights must be used for indoor trees. Inappropriate use may cause hazards or short circuits etc. Also, ensure that the lights may have no contact with moisture to avoid short.


Best Christmas tree Lights 2020 Reviews

#1. Twinkle Star Star String Lights


The cute star string lights give a warm nighttime look to any place. Decorate your Christmas tree or your room with these fairy lights and give your place a soothing look. The string contains 100 small star-shaped lights suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use. The lights are waterproof, lightweight, and extendable. The warm white lights are bright and remotely controlled so you can save considerable energy.


  • Star-Shaped fairy lights
  • Available in warm white color
  • 100 lights in a string
  • 8 modes or functions for different occasions


#2. SkrLights 25ft Christmas Lights


If you are looking for multi-colored vibrant lights then SkrLights 25ft Christmas Lights are the prettier one. There are 27 cute lights in a strand having orange, blue, red, green, and white color adding a hip-hop atmosphere to your festivities. These lights are waterproof and have a considerable lifespan of 1000 hours. These lights are suitable for different events and festivities. These lights are easy to install and you can easily remove and replace the bulb if it fuses. Moreover, these lights can be used for indoor as well as outdoor use.


  • 25 feet string with 27 colorful lights
  • End to end design
  • Removable bulbs
  • Offer soft vintage look


#3. AmyHomie 300LED Upgraded Christmas String Lights


If you are looking for extendable Christmas tree lights for dense trees like Pines and spruce etc. then this 10ft string is a considerable choice. Decorate your Christmas tree heavily with these bright lights available in 4 warm colors. The long string contains 300 LED bulbs that are weatherproof and UL certified for safety. These lights are waterproof and durable. Moreover, they are perfect for all occasions.


  • 300LEDs in a string
  • Extendable lights
  • Waterproof and durable
  • 8 different lighting modes
  • UL Safety certified

#4. Twinkle Star Outdoor Mini String Lights


Twinkle Star Outdoor Mini String Lights are the high-quality power-packed LED bulbs that provide greater brightness than ordinary lights. These outdoor string lights are very durable and long-lasting so you can rely upon them for any commercial event. The string has 300 LEDs so it is suitable for any dense Christmas tree. Moreover, these lights offer 8 different modes for different events. The lights are energy-efficient and save you many bucks.


  • 300 LEDs in one string
  • Multi-colored lights
  • Best for outdoor use
  • Commercial-grade long-lasting lights
  • 8 different lighting modes


#5. SYLVANIA Mini Christmas Lights


These mini Christmas lights save you many bucks because they are quite cheap with a good lifespan and utility. The clear and bright lights are UL certified and you can use them for decoration indoor as well as outdoors. The string has 150 incandescent lights all hanging on a green wire that looks good while decorating trees. These lights come with spare bulbs and fuses so you can replace the malfunctioned bulbs easily. However, these lights are not energy-efficient like the LED bulbs.


  • 150 mini lights in one strand
  • UL Certified
  • Suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use
  • Package includes spare bulbs, flasher bulbs, and fuses


#6. Twinky RGB Multicolor LED String Lights


Twinky RGB Multicolor lights are the modern decoration lights equipped with advanced technology bringing cool looks to your indoor and outdoor events. The lights are remotely controlled and you can map the lights with the help of an application on the smartphone. Moreover, you can also link different devices together to create mesmerizing color effects at the party. The device is paired with lights via Bluetooth. Moreover, you can wrap almost anything with these lights.


  • Operated by free android/IOs application
  • Red, Green, and Blue Multicolor LEDs
  • Easy set-up
  • You can sync several devices together


#7. VanRayal Upgrade C3 Christmas Tree Lights


These blue lights are safe and provide protection to your eyes. They are UL certified and fire and short circuit proof. Moreover, they are durable having 1000 hours of lifespan. There are 50 lights in a string that can be controlled remotely. The outer casing is very sturdy and does not wear even if you rub the light. The lights dissipate heat quickly and do not heat up by a few hours of use. VanRayal Energy saving lights are efficient and offer better lighting effects than the traditional incandescent bulbs.


  • UL Certified
  • Fire-proof and short-circuit proof
  • Plug designed
  • Energy-efficient blue lights


#8. MZD8391 Color Changing Christmas String Lights


These multicolor Christmas lights bring amazing effects to your festivities. They are remotely controlled through which you can switch between 9 lighting modes. The lights are safe and UL certified and end-to-end connectable so you can extend the lights according to your need. The two in one light have multicolor as well as warm white color to create retro effects. The string contains 300 LED lights which are dimmable so you can adjust the brightness according to your choice.


  • UL Certified and waterproof
  • 9 dimmable lighting modes
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Remotely controlled



#9. LED Christmas Tree Lights 60 Count, G12 Globe Indoor


These lights are energy-efficient and stay lit even if any bulb goes out. They have a considerable lifespan and come in the shape of acrylic globe bulbs. These lights are widely popular and suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use. The UL Certified lights are safe and waterproof and you can safely connect 45 sets of these lights together to brighten your festivities and other events.


  • Comes in different colors
  • UL Certified and waterproof
  • Durable construction
  • 90% more energy-efficient than ordinary lights


#10. Dobar Holiday Essentials Ultra-Brite Pink Lights on White Wire


Dobar Holiday essential pink lights look super cute in indoor events. However, they are safe for indoor as well as outdoor events. The Ultra-bright pink lights are UL certified and are designed for an end to end connectivity so you can easily connect five strings together. The string contains 100 lights having functions i.e. steady burn and flash. The lights look super-cute if you are looking for reddish effects.


  • Pink lights with white cords
  • 2 lighting functions
  • UL Certified and waterproof




So, these were some best Christmas tree lights that can light up your décor during festivities or family events. We believe that we have helped you a bit in order to buy a good set of Christmas tree lights. Happy Christmas.



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