Top 10 Best Bias Lighting for your TV or Computer – Buyer’s Guides & Reviews


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Are you thinking about buying the best bias lighting for your TV or computer? This article is for you!

Watching TV and playing online games on the computer may seem like a lot of fun. However, as far your eyes are concerned, watching a TV or computer in dark with the lights off can be extremely harmful. A lot of people experience fatigue or strain in their eyes after staring at the screen for long in complete darkness.

Lucky for you, many high-quality bias lights are available in the market to help prevent straining your eyes. These lights are the easiest way to ensure you have a good and safe TV or computer watching experience even in the dark. They help you get in a better mood, make your eyes feel comfortable while enhancing your overall surroundings.

In this article, we will discuss some of the best bias lightings for your TV or computer so you can select the best of all things.


Best Bias Lighting for your TV or Computer


#10. Nexillumi LED Strip Lights TV LED BackLight


This upgraded version of the best light color for watching TV comes with a 3M adhesive and harder sticks that can withstand more collisions and don’t break/ detach easily. The 16 million colors work in combination to create various ambiances for the user. 

You can use Nexillumi LED Strip Lights for your TV, laptop, or PC background lighting. These LED lights can sync with different pitches of the music while changing colors to make your experience of watching movies or TV more comfortable and delightful.

They operate at the voltage of 5V, which means you can even use a power bank for light strip working when working outdoors. It is IP65 dust and waterproof unit with extremely low heat so safe for children and babies in the house.


  • 5V powered USB cable
  • HappyLighting Bluetooth application
  • Microphone mode and music mode
  • Integrated app timer


#9. Power Practical Luminoodle USB Bias Lighting


Relieve your eye strain with the all-new Luminoodle TV Bias Lighting. This product is an ideal choice for enhancing the ambient light in any room to prevent eye fatigue and adjusting between the darkroom and your bright screen. It also helps prevent headaches and dry eyes by improving contrast in a dark viewing area.  With this unit, your eyes perceive black color as shades of gray and experience better, washed-out colors.

Its high-quality and truly white LEDs can turn your computer or TV room into a beautiful theater by adding a comfortable glow to the area. The package includes a 2m(78 inches) LED light strip and a 3M adhesive that you can plug into your PC’s or TV’s port.


  • 5W, 1 A input
  • Richer color and better contrast
  • True white 6500K LED lights
  • 15 different colors


#8. Govee Wi-Fi TV Led Backlights, Works with Alexa, App Control


Enhance the beauty and elegance of your colors throughout your rooms with Govee Wi-Fi TV Led Backlights. Finally, you can get your hands on the most affordable Ambilight kit that actually works very well. This TV bias lighting kit is a stress-free way to brighten up your home theater with lights that react to the TV images and videos.

The biggest upgrade as compared to the predecessor models is Alexa support. While watching TV, you can even use the voice control options to control light through the room. The main brain though is the small plastic box where the LEDs and camera connect with the standard USB port.

You can customize the colors to suit your viewing experience and utilize an integrated lighting system that changes with the music.


  • Easy smartphone controls
  • Easy installation with customized length
  • Offers 18 colors, 10 speed, and brightness levels
  • USB powered


#7. Star Lighting Led Strip Lights, USB Backlight Kit with Remote


This best bias lighting for TV 2020 is an optimum choice for people who want to enjoy an elegant mood light and relieve their eye strain while watching TV. As far as the light is concerned, it is 78.7 inches (2 M5050). The best part about this unit is that you can fit it with your 40-60 inch TV without any hassle.

You c choose between the given 16 different light colors to make your TV or computer room even more colorful. The unit is very easy to connect from further away as the control distance is only 19-26 feet. The overall performance and functioning are very convenient and strong. It is indeed the best solution to opt for when you need a bias light with great price and colors.


  • 7in/2 M5050 LED light strip
  • 24 key remote
  • 16 color changing dimmable 4 modes
  • E RoHS UL spring construction certification


#6. Miume 13.2Ft Music LED Strip Lights


If you are tired of adjusting between your bright screen and dark surrounding, consider investing your money in Miume 13.2Ft Music LED Strip Lights. This backlight is the best for elevating the ambient light and decreasing eye fatigue caused due to difference in picture brightness.

This bias light is equipped with a short circuit memory and protection feature so safe to use. Also, it emits extremely low heat and is fully waterproof. The light tape on the rear side features a strong adhesive to ensure an ideal backlight experience during day and night.

The smartphone app flexible control gives you complete access despite your location in the house. You can use the intelligent controller to dim and switch the lights as per your preference.


  • Integrated high-sensitivity mic
  • Automatic color adjusting
  • Two different control methods
  • Easy installation


#5. Antec Bias Lighting for HDTV with 51.1-Inch Cable


The Antec Bias Lighting is famous among potential buyers due to its professional backlighting for any HDTV out there. it helps reduce eye strain and fatigue as well thanks to its correct color temperature. Moreover, it is 51.1 inches from USB thus 55.1 inches in overall length so suitable for any TV or computer type.

It works great and even more convenient when it comes to super-fast installation. You are sure to notice an immediate improvement in your TV room after installing the light strip. The color temperature here is correct 6500K which works great especially if you want to achieve the most optimum results. It is designed and manufactured to stick to the back of your laptop or TV as one single strip which accounts for an excellent performance.


  • Professional backlight
  • Increases your TVs perceived contrast ratio
  • Easy installation
  • Delivers an amazing cinematic experience


#4. LE LED Strip Lights for TV


This all-in-one kit has a plug-and-play function so you don’t have to waste any more time and money in buying related accessories. You can use it with any device that has a 5V USB port including your power bank or phone charger.

The LE LED Strip Lights for TV features 16 colors and 4 lighting modes. With its given remote control, you can choose from the 16 pre-set colors and multiple modes including strobe, flash, smooth, and fade according to your suitability.

Installing this bias light is extremely easy as well. Simply mount the self-adhesive tape on every strip and enjoy long-term adhesion to any dry, clean and smooth surface. Another great aspect of this best bias lighting for a monitor is its flexibility. The package includes three 0.5m light strip where each one is easily connectable to each other.


  • Extensive performance
  • Improve image clarity
  • 24 key remote control
  • Safety 5V USB powered


#3. Hamlite LED TV Backlight 60 65 Inch TV Bias Lighting


Are you worried about buying the best bias light for a big TV? Don’t worry, Hamlite LED TV Backlight has you covered in all the backlighting aspects. It is the best option for people with a TV between 70-80 inches and with to enjoy television home theater on their directives.

With its unique and distinctive features, it is undoubtedly the most famous LED light strip for TVs and laptop setups available in any household. These lights are much brighter than any standard LED light in the list and twice as powerful in functioning thus a good investment for budget-conscious buyers.

It has a customized RF remote that offers 18 colors, 10 speed/brightness settings, and 10 working modes. By decorating this TV light strip, you will get a perfect combination of mood and ambiance.


  • 10 available colors
  • Prevents eye strain
  • Manual RF remote
  • One year service guarantee


#2. SPE USB Bias Lighting with RF Remote Control for HDTV


The SPE USB Bias Lighting can add ambient backlighting to almost any monitor or TV to decrease eye strain and enhance perceived image clarity. It results in an improved viewing experience that is sure to last for many years to come.

Installation is very easy with a USB port design. Simply plug it in into your device and tape it onto the desired location and automatically turn on the lights. The smart USB design enables the lighting strips to automatically start with your PC or TV. The unit also safeguards your devices by preventing damaged USB ports and PC malfunctions with SPE regulated bias strips.

Coverage is everything to notice here. These strips deliver three different sizes for multiple applications which is a big plus considering the price tag.


  • RF remote control
  • Creates a sharper image and colors
  • Comes with industrial strength tape
  • Automatic power on/off


#1. LE LED Strip Lights Alexa Google Home Compatible


With its hassle-free app remote control, you can enjoy watching TV or playing videos on your computer through 16million colors. The lights are easy to dim and also features customizable color-changing modes. Unlike other models out there, this best bias lighting for TV 2020 has an IR remote with a good control distance of 7-10 feet. 

Now you can enhance your viewing experience and reduce your eye fatigue permanently. This unit creates a theater-like effect to deliver a fully immersive experience while watching movies. It enhances the average brightness of the room to give your eyes the break that they need. You can widely use this product for your bedroom, kitchen, game room, and even shelf decoration.


  • 16 million colors for creating unique ambiances
  • 5V powered USB cable
  • Wi-Fi control
  • Environmentally friendly features


Bias Lighting for your TV or Computer Buying Guides


Purchasing bias lighting for your TV and computer can be an extremely overwhelming process.  With hundreds and thousands of models available in the market,  it can be a little hard to choose the most suitable product.  In this buying guide,  we will discuss all the features and parameters to select the best bias lightings.


You need to power the light somehow.  In most cases, the LED bias lights do not draw much power and most of them can be powered through a USB port. This is actually a lot easy for people who own an idle USB port on the TV or PC.  That’s not too bad since you don’t need to run a separate power adaptor for the lights.

Colour Temperature

This is another important feature that you should consider when selecting the best responsive bias lighting for your house.  Apart from making sure that the light fit with the screen,  consider the color temperature as well. The standard for most products is  2800k  but if you want to choose the cool white or daylight LEDs the range of temperature will measure between 5000- 6000K.


The only thing you have to worry about with bias lights is the length that you need to fill out the rear of your screen. Small lights are available up to 5 feet in length which is adequate enough for a  smaller TV.  However, if you have a larger computer monitor or TV screen,  you must adapt the strips that are sized to match perfectly. 

Available Colour Options

To achieve a special ambiance, you must own a bias lighting with different color options at your service.  Some LED backlights offer a small range of colors, as few as 10 while some have an unlimited range.




There you go! These are our best bias lighting for your TV or computer. Though all the products in this list are best-selling and high-rated units, the clear winner for us is Nexillumi LED Strip Lights. It has a number of unique features for people looking for the best backlight for their TV. The set-up is easy, gives a straightforward ambiance, and is very light on your eyes.



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